pollyThis little dog, a sweet, 3-year-old girl, is Polly.  Polly is recovering from surgery to repair her face after she was shot point blank.  She was just getting settled in with a foster so she could recuperate and await further surgeries when she wa startled and and took off.  Now the hunt is on to find her. The area Polly went missing is in Calhoun, GA near 183 Barkley Drive, off Love bridge road, very close to Antioch Baptist Church.

Animal Rescue Foundation of Rome/Floyd County GA was contacted by Floyd County Animal Control officers on Monday August 27 about a dog picked up with a gunshot. The bullet went through the top of her snout and exited her bottom jaw. Polly required surgery to repair the damage to her jaw. All of her teeth were missing after the bullet caused her teeth to get blown out.

She was due to have another surgery in two weeks although she can eat and drink well.

This is especially disheartening since ARF spent 6 months trying to trap her initially with humane traps and she tripped them and managed to escape every time.  She’s very resourceful but she still is injured.

On Thursday, with her foster, Susan Burgess, Polly slipped out of her collar and ran away.

“She got startled,” Burgess said. “She did a backflip, slipped out of her collar attached to the leash and ran away.”

Burgess and other volunteers are searching for Polly around the clock.

“We have a large herd of coyotes here, and we are concerned that with her being in a weakened state, she is not able to completely defend herself from a group of coyotes,” Burgess said.

Burgess said time is of the essence because Polly still has stitches from her surgery and is in a rural part of Gordon County that has a lot of coyotes.
If you see Polly you can call the Animal Rescue Foundation of Floyd County at 706-346-0629.

Polly Page for updates – Precious Polly – Dog Shot in GA

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