Marie_RadabaughExcellent news here! Some canny, determined investigation, an anonymous tip and a MySpace account have led authorities to the woman who dumped a critically injured dog off at the Dickson Human Society and sped away.

Marie Radabaugh must have thought she was in the clear after she dumped the Lab/collie mix out of her van and took her but a determined Human Society worker wasn’t going to let it go. Melissa Lee chased after the van but wasn’t able to catch up with it so she took out a full page ad in 5 local newspapers. A tip led her to MySpace where she found Radabaugh and pictures of Hania.

Radabaugh told authorities that Hania was found as a stray, already injured but the pictures posted on her MySpace account bely that. When Hania was dumped, it was obvious that she had recently just had puppies.  Pictures posted on her MySpace account show Hania with her puppies and show her uninjured as well.  This pictured will be able to be used as the basis for the first ever case of animal cruelty prosecuted n Dickson County.

“We took the information that was given to us, and we ran with it,” said Lee. “The picture speaks 1,000 words.

Hania_PuppiesHania had been shot in the face and half her face was practically missing. She’d been living with this horrific injury for likely months. Thanks to another hero in the story, Dr. Barry Fly of Nolensville, Hania received all the care she needed. Her eye was removed and her face was literally reconstructed.

The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office will bring charges of animal cruelty and abandonment against Radabaugh to the grand jury and we can only hope that there will be justice for Hania.

As for Hania, she’s doing well considering how horrific injuries were.  She’s undergone surgeries and is healing now and in the future should be able to have a chance to have a home and family who will love and cherish this dog with an amazing will to live.

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Thanks for the update info Andrea! It’s always a pleasure to share some good news.

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