Update 2/9/09 – Justice for Raley and Hoochie? PETITION

SEE UPDATE – 7/29/08 – Charges to be Filed in Orlando Dog Shooting – VIDEO

One of Chris Butler's HuskiesThe day that Christopher Comins brutally shot Chris Butler’s two huskies was just a normal day to start with. But when Chris Butler was out walking Raley and Hoochie on Monday, May 19, they got away from him and shortly thereafter the nightmare began.

He searched for Raley and Hoochie on foot then went home and got his car to track them down. When he found them, they we in a neighboring field near some cows. They were being playful and curious as dogs can be, not chasing the cows as some initially reported. This is backed up by the video you can view below.The cows were not intimidated, running away, clustered in a tight group or showing any indications of fear.

Now, I will say that I do agree that people should have a right to protect their animals, whether it be pets or livestock, from attack. And yes, police did report that some of the witnesses did say that they thought the huskies initially were wolves. But the thing here is that the witnesses were quite a distance away, the shooter was within yards of the dogs. It’s hard to mistake two playful huskies for wolves and harder to mistake playing dogs for attacking dogs.

From what I saw Christopher Comins cruelly and maliciously gunned the dogs down. One of the dogs was just sitting there, the other was trying to escape, to run toward Butler who was screaming for Comins to stop shooting.

Comins looked at Butler and continued to shoot… again and again, even when the dogs were down.

“I was running toward him and screaming, ‘Please stop shooting my dogs,'” Butler said. “He knew they were my dogs. And the last shot you can see is he is walking toward me and I’m speaking to him and saying, ‘Please stop shooting them.’ And he turned around and shot them again.”

Butler said the neighbor shot one of his dogs four times.

“He just wanted to kill them,” Butler said. “That is what it boils down to. He just wanted to shoot them.”

Butler said the dogs were harmless and would not have hurt anyone.

“The dogs shouldn’t have been there, I know,” Butler said. “I know they shouldn’t have been there. But he didn’t have to shoot them. They wouldn’t hurt a fly. They wouldn’t hurt anybody. They wouldn’t hurt the cows. They were just curious and anybody who has huskies will tell you they are the most beautiful, beautiful dogs.” (Local 6)

Authorities didn’t file charges because property owners have the right to protect their animals and that’s what Comins said he was doing on the behest of the property owner. He said “he fired two warning shots at the dogs and claims the dogs tried to attack him.”

Comins does not own the land. The cows are owned by one person and the land by yet another. Pretty convoluted situation to start with.

At the time it was basically one person’s word against another but now a video has come to light showing exactly what happened. It’s been enough to cause authorities to reopen the investigation and from what I can see, it sure doesn’t back up Comins’ claims.

It’s a fact that the dogs should not have been loose, even Chris Butler agrees but for Comins to shoot and continue to shoot, again and again, even when one dog was down and the other running away, even when Butler was screaming, makes no sense.

Also it seems Comins has a bit of a history when it comes to irresponsible and possibly even illegal gun use. Seems there was a felony arrest in his past regarding gun use/abuse – see more HERE

And the cold callous disregard after the shooting, OMG! Comins just walked away as Bulter was frantically trying to help his dogs. He showed no concern or consideration at all!!

You can watch the video for yourself. It’s not graphic. It was shot from far enough away that you can tell what’s happening, you can hear the shooting and some yelping from the dogs, but you don’t see the details. Don’t watch if you are sensitive!!

I, like many others, hope that law enforcement will see what we all do. This was an unwarranted and vicious attack by an armed gunman against two innocent pet dogs while many witnesses and their owner watched in horror.

If you agree after you see for yourself, then join with us and sign the petition calling felony charges to be brought against Christopher Comins for his cruel and cowardly act!


Dog Shooting in Orlando

Luckily, both dogs did survive the shooting. Of the approximately nine shots fired, Hoochie was hit three times, losing an eye, and Raley was hit four times.


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