puppy1For years animal advocates and The Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project have worked to try to get some legislation passed in WI to regulate commercial dog breeding facilities without luck.  There have always been groups and organizations fighting against any kind of reform to the industry, in WI and elsewhere.

Puppy mills are rampant in WI because there is no regulation at all on the state level and thousands and thousands of dogs and puppies are bred and sold.  You can read one story about an undercover investigation into a puppy mill HERE.  Scenes like this are not out of the ordinary.

But now there’s a puppy mill bill, AB-250/SB-208, the Smith-Kreitlow Commercial Dog Breeders Licensure Bill, that hopes to put an end to puppy mills in WI. Right now the bill is in committee in both the State Assembly and Senate.  I wrote about the initial proposal of this bill in April and now it may finally coming to fruition!

The bill, AB-250, provides for licensure for anyone or any kennel that sells 25 or more dogs a year, for an auction that offers or sells 50 or more dogs a year, any animal shelter which shelters 25 or more dogs a year and any person who operates any animal control facility.  It also allows for initial inspection prior to licensing as well as inspections at least every other year.

There would also be regulations regarding the minimum age of puppies sold, 7 weeks, what records must accompany puppy sales including auctions and temporary dog market sales.  The bill would as well cover minimum standards of care.

This regulation is long overdue!!  No doubt there will be the usual organizations fighting against it but it’s time for Wisconsinites to stand up and get behind this!

The Wood County Board will decide whether or not to officially support the bill in a meeting tonight and tomorrow, 9/23/09 at 10 am, there will be a joint public hearing in Madison at the State Capital and the members of committee will review the bill but the public is welcome to attend the meeting as well.

If you are in Madison or in the Madison area, please show your support. If you are not in Madison, you can still show your support. Go to WI Puppy Mill Project – HERE – and you will see a list of the committee members with contact info. Contact them, thank to co-sponsors, urge the others get behind it.  Take Action!!

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