McClovin There another dog controversy flaring up in Rushville, IN, a serious discrepancy over a dog shooting. Rushville Police Chief Ron Cameron says he shot a charging, growing dog. Neighbors who witnessed the incident said the dog was playing and wouldn’t get into the police chief’s car so he pulled his gun and shot the dog, not once but twice.

McClovin, a 2-year-old lab mix is dead today at the hand and the gun of Chief Ron Cameron. Owners Trudy Smith and Shayna Priddy said McClovin did escape a lot but on Tuesday afternoon he was on a new lead in the yard and they’re not sure how he got free but he did.

Animal Control called the police chief to round up McClovin and Chief Cameron called Trudy to come get her recalcitrant pooch, sadly she was too late.

By Cameron’s account; “The dog charged me. I turned and shot at the dog. The dog fell backwards and fell right over. When the dog charged me I was not going to stand there and let it bite me or take a chance of biting me.”

But neighbors who were watching the incident from about 300 feet away tell a completely different story.

“I was watching him trying to get that dog in the car and the dog wouldn’t go in the car. The dog kept playing with the other dog,” said Mary Harpring.

“The next thing I know, I see him shoot that dog two times,” said Rex Harpring.

“The dog was nowhere near him to attack him. There’s no way that dog tried to attack him. He knows that and I know that,” said Mary Harpring.

When asked why he shot the dog a second time, Cameron said, “That’s just to make sure he stopped, that’s why.”

Not only have McClovin’s owners, who say McClovin wouldn’t have hurt anyone, filed a complaint, so have the neighbors who witnessed the shooting and killing of McClovin.

So, is the Rushville Police Chief spinning a web of lies to cover up the senseless shooting and killing of a dog with a bad habit of escaping? Why would the neighbors disputer his story if it wasn’t true?

More and more we hear stories of dogs getting shot and most fo the time the old, “the dog was charging…. the dog was growing…. the dog was aggressive” lines are great CYA. The cops are found to have acted within reason and the distraught owners just have to suffer and grieve.

This is also not the first time that Rushville has been the center of attention when it comes to dogs. In November of 2007, there was the huge controversy when a live dog was found in the freezer four days after it was supposed to have been euthanized. Kind of makes you think that Rushville doesn’t think too much of dogs and the often typical “old boys’ network” that operates in many small towns just sweeps it all under the rug.

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