lab23Many Texas pet owners say a bill before the Legislature that would define and regulate “vicious” dogs goes too far. The proposed bill, HB 1982, sponsored by Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer would define vicious dogs as dogs that are capable of seriously hurting or killing someone because of the animal’s “physical nature and vicious propensity” and acts in such a way that an owner thinks the animal may attack someone.

Under this proposed regulation, a big, jumping, barking dog that scares someone could be labeled vicious.  Scary thought, eh?  Not because the dog did anything, just because someone thinks a dog may attack.

So mutt owners, lab owners and of course owners of pitbulls, shepherds, rotts, chows, etc., if you live in TX, you better be careful less your dog frighten someone if this measure passes….

It would provide:

  • owners who live in cities with populations of more than 1 million to keep vicious dogs that weigh more than 40 pounds on a leash, in a secure enclosure or inside a residence
  • owners would need to be heavily insured
  • ban the animals from parks and schools
  • ban people younger than 21 from owning a dog deemed vicious

I support dangerous dog laws because no matter how much I love dogs, dangerous dogs are a problem but there are limits to how far laws should go. I don’t agree with legislation that randomly assigns a label of vicious or dangerous to a dog for no real reason other than someone thinks it may attack someone.

The Texas Veterinary Medical Association has testified against the bill and animal groups are worried that ti will open the door to breed specific targeting.

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