General lawlessness and disorder, esp when thought to result from an absence or failure of government

A man was caught on camera beating his dog with a stick and punching him in the head as a small child watched.  The video was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook with the abuser’s address.

View the Dog Beating Video.  (Not required.)

The incident, which happened in Grimsby, UK, angered viewers as they watched the video.  So angry were they that a mob of 50 people assembled at his house and supposedly smashed the windows and punched out the guy.  That could not be confirmed.  But the police were called, they arrested the creep, and removed the dog to a veterinary hospital for examination.

According to the person who uploaded the video, the beatings were going on for months.  Both the man and his girlfriend routinely beat this dog.  The reason the video was uploaded is because without evidence, nothing would be done about the abuse.  And the kid in the home watching the abuse will probably grow up and treat animals in the same way, if he doesn’t already.

But the thing that stands out is the angry mob that went and confronted the piece of shit.

People are angry.  Look at what’s pissing people off.

Cherika Alvarez of New York City was sentenced to 20 days community service on her conviction in the slow and painful starving death of her dog, one-year-old Alize.  Authorities had to scrape the dog’s remains off the floor, and a necropsy showed the dog ate razors blades, string, and wood to stave off the hunger pains.  And she got a whopping 20 days community service.

Dawn Tucker and her son, Brandon Tucker of Clementon, New Jersey were sentenced each to do 10-14 days community and were only fined a minimum 250.00 each on their disorderly persons conviction for Depriving a Living Creature of Necessary Sustenance and Failing to Provide a Living Creature with proper food after their dog named Rocco was starved to death in their yard.  When the judge was asked that the other dogs in the home be removed, his request was denied.  Yeah, that’s gonna teach them.

And how about Fabian Henderson.  He tossed his dog, Oreo, from the top of a six-story building, leading to a couple of broken legs, a broken rib.  All he got was six months probation and admission into a program that would help him get a job.

And that’s only a small fraction of the piss-poor sentences handed out by judges.  It’s no wonder a vigilante mob decided to impart their own justice.

I’m not advocating anarchy, nor am I condoning violence.  But this is a message to our law makers, law enforcement personnel, lawyers, and judges.  You are failing in your jobs if you continue to dismiss animal abuse and cruelty with sloppy investigation, bare minimum charges, and pathetic punishments.  And because of your failures, people are going to take it upon themselves to right the wrongs.  Any way they deem fitting.

It has only just begun.

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