Jiffy in December 2008This was Jiffy a little over a year ago in December of 2008.  The 11-year-old border collie weighed in at almost 120-lbs, about 70-lbs more than what he should have weighed.  He was so obese and in such bad shape that when his owner let him outside, his mobility was so compromised that he could not get back into the house and his 59-year-old owner couldn’t get him back in either.

The temps outside that night dropped down to the low single digits and even though his owner covered him with a blanket and checked on him, it was extremely dangerous.  In the morning he was literally frozen to the sidewalk and police were called to help rescue the dog.  Eventually Jiffy was freed, but not without leaving behind some tufts of fur behind.

Charges were initially brought against the owner but were later dropped.  This was not a case of intent or maliciousness, more of ignorance and perhaps the owner was “loving the dog to death” by overfeeding and she did attempt to get help to try to get Jiffy in the house.  Jiffy was relinquished to the Sheboygan County Human Society shelter and he’s come a long way since then.

Jiffy now, about 40-lbs lighter and much healthierJiffy was adopted by a shelter volunteer, Patty Geise and has gone from a dog who could barely stand and support his own weight to a dog who walks a mile a day at a normal pace. He’s lost about 40-lbs. and is down to about 75-lbs. now. Although his ideal weigh is still much less, due to he age, his new family is concentrating more on keeping him active, healthy and eating right, just being a normal dog.

He’s become quite a part of the Guise family, playing with their other dog, a border collie/black lab mix and chasing the family’s two teenage daughters.

“We feel like we’ve done a good thing for this dog,” Patty Geise said.

It’s always wonderful to be able to share such happy updates! Hope this put a smile on your face like it did mine! 🙂

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