Gerald T. Barrett

Last week I told you about Putnam County Judge James Rooney who denied a recommended 6 month jail sentence for 20-year-old Gerald Barrett of Lake Carmel who had brutally beaten and punched his girlfriend’s 4 month-old puppy and broken its jaw…

Barrett had pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty and contempt and was told that he could withdraw his guilty plea after the judge said that after looking at Barrett’s pre-sentencing report that he didn’t agree with the plea deal. Barrett did not withdraw his plea and faced the Judge Rooney’s sentence.

On Wednesday Judge Rooney sentenced Barrett to two years in prison and also ordered him never to have any pets… period!

Halleluiah and Amen! A Judge that actually sees animal cruelty for what it is and believes in handing down an appropriate sentence! Thank you Judge Rooney! Now if only we could clone you and have you sit on every animal abuse court case. Maybe the abusing scum would get the idea and it really would put a dent in animal abuse.

Hopefully this little punk makes some really good friends while in prison….

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