Gerald T. Barrett

UPDATE – 12/19/08 – Judge Hands Down 2 Year Sentence for Puppy Beater

In August, tough guy, 20 yr-old Gerald T. Barrett of Lake Carmel, NY beat his girlfriend’s 4 month-old, 22-lb puppy, Cali, brutally.  He punched the dog at least six times and slammed it into the pavement five more times, breaking her jaw, fracturing several of her teeth, breaking blood vessels in her eyes and causing substantial swelling to her face.

In October Barrett pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty as well as a misdemeanor charge of criminal contempt. After Putnam County Judge James T. Rooney read the pre-sentencing report he said that he couldn’t go along with the plea deal between Putnam County District Attorney’s Office and Barrett’s lawyer recommending he serve six months in jail and five years probation. Judge Rooney said that Barrett deserves to be behind bars… period!

Unbelievable! A judge who looks at the reality of a crime and actually wants to sentence someone to a real punishment!!

Although the judge didn’t say specifically how long he would sentence Barrett he did say of the pre-sentencing document, “In a word it is very unsettling. Unfavorable would be a colossal understatement. It is one of the most unfavorable reports I have ever seen.”

Thing is, since the sentence that the judge wants to impose in out of line with the plea deal, Barrett can actually withdraw his guilty plea.

No word yet on whether he is going to, his lawyer plans to talk to him and the sentencing hearing has been adjourned to Dec. 17.

It really is enlightening to see a judge look at a piece of trash like this a see him for what he is.  Not only did he brutally beat a defenseless puppy, he also beat his girlfriend more than once, called her from jail after she had a protection order and tried toget her to drop the charges and was also initially chaged with resisting arrest.  Doesn’t sound like whoever wrote up the pre-sentencing report gave him too many good points either.  This guy is trouble and if he is walking the streets, no doubt he is going to be a problem for someone, and who knows how serious his future crimes may be?

I applaud you Judge Rooney!  Thank you for taking crimes like this as seriously as they should be taken.  It’s far past time someone did!

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