One NJ man has a funny tale to tell and the proofjury duty to back it up.  Now, it’s not uncommon for our family members to get a jury duty summons but in this case it was Barrett Griner’s furry family member, named IV (that’s four in Roman numerals) that was summoned to jury duty.

Mr. Griner knows how the glitch happened but that makes it no less funny. Mr. Griner is Barrett Griner IV but the jury summons came addressed to IV Giner and the only IV Griner would be IV, Barrett’s female German Shepherd. The name appears the same on the summons as on IV’s vet record.

“But nobody in my house is named IV except the German Shepherd,” Barrett said. “I had to laugh at it.”


The Cumberland County Judiciary Coordinator indicates the computer generated jury summons likely misplaced the roman numeral IV for Barrett’s first name and then mailed it out.

While the five-year-old German Shepherd won’t be sitting in the jury box any time soon, at least Barrett has a tale to tell and the records to sort of back it up. (cbslocal)

Well, this is certainly not the first time a pet has been mistaken for a person and called for jury duty or sent a voter registration… Have you ever gotten mail addressed to your pet my mistake?  😕


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