Chloe (Photo Provided)In 2012, responding to a loose dog report, cops used a catch pole to capture Chloe, a lab-pit mix.  Then the officer, Robert Price, after using a stun gun, shot Chloe 5 times, killing the beloved family pet.  

Now Justice!

The largest settlement in history according to the Animal Law Center, was paid to the family, $262,000, “payment was part of a settlement to avoid a federal civil court trial scheduled later this month”.


Now, my Friends, don’t get me wrong… money will never replace or make up for what was done… the horror of the loss but it is a message that killing an innocent pet is not being overlooked by everyone anymore.  Time will come when when more will understand how precious the lives of our furry family members are to us… we will be watching… until then, one small step in the right direction…

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