DeShawn BrownFor all their posturing and protesting of their client’s innocence, the jury didn’t take long to proclaim DeShawn Brown GUILTY in the torture abuse case of ‘Mercy,’ as the 10 month old pit bull was dubbed by rescuers.

Although defense attorney Dan Wyde continued to protest DeShawn Brown’s innocence, the evidence piled up. Witnesses who saw him with a knife then saw the dog cut and bloodied, witnesses who tried to douse the flames engulfing the poor dog then seeing this monster with a gas can. Guess he won’t be laughing now!

Brown faces up to 10 years in prison. The penaltyMercy phase of the case will begin tomorrow.

I am ecstatic that justice has prevailed in this case and that the jurors saw through the games the defense put on as their case. Now if we can get a serious sentence I will really say that justice has prevailed!! This needs to standout as a landmark case when it comes to animal abuse!! People have got to start taking animal abuse more seriously. People who do this are a very serious danger to society and the only answer is to remove them from society!!

This is a message that was posted by Cathy from Operation Kindness;

Justice for Mercy has come! In less that one hour of deliberation, the jury came back this afternoon with a unanimous guilty verdict.

All of us at Operation Kindness are pleased and delighted. This was the outcome we hoped and prayed for. Mercy can now rest in peace. Today was justice for Mercy and all the abused animals she represents. Caring people around the world have been watching and waiting since Mercy died. We are very proud of the State of Texas and its citizens who have spoken with this verdict: open season ..less animals is over. We now hope for the maximum ten year sentence to complete the justice received today.

The sentencing phase begins tomorrow at 9am.

On behalf of Mercy, THANK YOU to all of you the world over who have sent us your prayers and concerns, telephoned us and sent emails and letters of support – we appreciate it so much.

Together we can Animal Abuse…For Mercy’s Sake

Source – Dallas News

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