One of Chris Butler's HuskiesLast May, Christopher Comins brutally and maliciously shot Chris Butler’s two Siberian Huskies, Raley and Hoochie, after they got away from Butler and were in a field near some cows.  The incident was caught on videotape.  It showed Comins shooting at the dogs, again and again, even as they ran away, even as Butler ran toward Comins begging and pleading for him to stop shooting.

Butler knowing admits that the dogs should not have been there but did that give Comins any right to brutally shoot down the dogs, on property that didn’t even belong to him?  The law allows a property owner to protect their property but this was nt his property nor his livestock and there was no evidence that the dogs were causing any harm to the cows.

The dogs, Raley and Hoochie, Luckily  did survive the shooting. Of the approximately nine shots fired, Hoochie was hit three times, losing an eye, and Raley was hit four times.

Initially charges were not filed because it was one person’s story against another… until the video came to light.  That made officials take a second look at the situation and reopen the investigation.

In July, a lawyer took the case on the part of Chris Butler in hopes that charges would be filed against Comins and since then some organizations have also gotten involved.

In January I got the news from Chris Butler that Comins had been charged, finally, with 2 counts of felony animal cruelty. Christopher Comins is in the trial phase and will be going to court on the 3rd and 16th of March. Comins needs to be prosecuted and sentenced to the max. There is a petition asking that the State’s Attorney not accept a plea deal, downgrade the charges and prosecute this case with a maximum sentence in mind. This is not Comins first firearms charge! the last was downgraded from a felony to a misdemeanor. This man has political connections and arrogantly thinks he is just going to walk… again.

Now Chris Butler and Raley and Hoochie need everyones voice and support to ensure that justice is done. Please take a moment to sign the petition!


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