I know, I’ve been slacking on Justice Round-Ups.  There have been other issues keeping all of us busy.  Here is the latest bunch I have and it’s not pretty.  Well a couple are, actually.  You can blame the jury on the first two I have to report.

antonio_ray_airAntonio Ray

The man who dragged his dog behind his bicycle and nearly suffered street justice from witnesses.  The original story is HERE.

Acquitted. After three hours of deliberation by the jury, Antonio Ray was found Not Guilty.  His defense was that he did not know he was dragging the dog behind him.  And the jury bought it.

Ray spoke to the press that night to tell HIS side of the story and stated that he hopes that the public will accept that this was just a horrible accident.

I’m sorry, but a 10-year-old can tell the difference between dragging something behind their bicycle vs. NOT dragging something behind their bicycle.   I think the jury just had “end of business day” on their brains.


Marques Eason

The first man to be charged under the felony statute of Kansas called Magnum’s Law or Scruffy’s Law.  Marques Eason used two dogs as a set of cymbals, knocked their heads together and threw them to the ground.  One of the dogs did not survive.  Deanna’s story is HERE.

Acquitted. Jurors deliberated less than an hour before finding Marques Eason not guilty of felony animal cruelty.  They didn’t think Eason’s actions were malicious.

Come on, deliberated less than an hour?  I find it hard for this jury to even spell the word MALICIOUS in less than an hour than it is to put any real brain power into deliberation.


Quincy Lee Morrow

Angry at his girlfriend’s puppy because it barked and nipped at him.  So his likely solution towards the youngster is to toss her off a second story balcony.  The puppy, whose legs were broken, had to be euthanized.  Click HERE for the original story.

Morrow pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in a plea agreement and avoided jail.  He has been put on two years probation and is “absolutely prohibited from owning pets or living in a household where there are pets.”

The judge also ordered Morrow to attend a parenting program for he’s recently become a new father!  Isn’t that special.


Joshua Stitt

The ex-Marine who slit his dog’s throat and killed her puppies with a metal rod.   Click HERE for Deanna’s original story.

He pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated animal abuse in the first degree and a misdemeanor charge of animal abuse.  He will serve 130 days in jail, serve 18 months of supervised probation followed by 3 1/2 years of unsupervised probation.

His explanation to the court was he feared the mother dog was going to bite his wife.  He killed the puppies because he was moving and didn’t have the money to relinquish them to an animal shelter.

Joshua Stitt was also ordered to get a mental evaluation and to follow whatever treatment is recommended, and prohibited from possessing any animals for the five years he is on probation.

Oregon Live.com

c_cherry_airCheyenne Cherry

We all know her by her famous words she screamed at activists while being escorted into the courtroom.  It’s dead, bitch! Read all about “little precious” HERE.

Turns out her troubles are not over with yet.  Already sentenced to one year in prison, the courts realized they made a mistake.  It is illegal to reduce a violent felony charge to a non-violent charge.  OOPS! So she goes back to court on December 2 and could face more than one year in prison.   Yeah?  Scratch that, bitch!

The New York Post

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