It is quite obvious that we’ve been very silent here on this website for awhile.  When you check through the news for articles of interest on dogs every day, one thing always makes its way to the top – cruelty.  Always cruelty.  Every day a new list of crimes against animals.  Beatings, burnings, starvation, dog fighting, dragging…it never, ever stops.   As a result, it has sent us into the most darkest, endless pit of despair found on the face of the earth. 

Playing Farmville. 

Hey, taking care of my happy, virtual animals – making slop for the pigs, petting the llamas and cats, teaching my pet terrier new tricks, and checking the nursery barn for new and unusual baby animals has been a welcome respite. 

But I suddenly realized that the lack of shaming animal abusers will close down my Justice Round-Up series so it is now back to business.  Here is the latest on animal cruelty sentences and there is quite a list.

Keith Elgin Shepherd

The moron who thinks *safety first* is packing a Glock on a trip to the leash-free dog park.  And when he didn’t like how his dog was playing with a husky named Bear-Bear, he blew the poor husky away.  Read the initial story here.

In a bench trial, the judge found him guilty of animal cruelty and he received Probation Before Judgment.  Meaning Shepherd cannot appeal his conviction but he has the ability to expunge his record once judgment satisfied. 

Punishment will be one year probation, 80 hours community service, and a $500 fine plus court costs. The $1000 fine for discharge of his firearm was suspended and only comes into play if he violates his probation.

His legal troubles are not over. Bear-bear’s owners have filed a civil suit against him. He moved away from that community and left his rented townhome trashed and owing the landlord $9,000.00. The Landlord filed suit and that trial has been scheduled for January 2011.

His conviction also prevents him from a tour in Afganistan that he was assigned.  Too bad, now someone can’t drop a grenade on his head.  OOPS.

Jerry Lee Southern

Caretaker for the Dog Home from Hell.   Read Deanna’s story here.

Southern was charged with 70 counts of animal cruelty in connection with the 106 dogs found chained and hungry at his property.  A plea agreement was reached and 65 counts were dropped.

Southern was sentenced to a 15-year-suspended sentence, 90 days in the county jail with credit for time served, and he must pay $10,000 with $5,000 going to the Ponca City Humane Society; $2,500 to Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pit Bulls, (BADRAP), the rescue organization in California that assisted and rescued some of the dogs, and $2,500 to Oklahoma Alliance for Animals. He was also ordered not to have any other dogs other than the family pet that is currently owned.

The ADA said by Southern giving money to the animal charities, it would be more beneficial than sitting in prison.

I dunno…I think sitting 15 years in an empty barrel, 24/7, tethered by a 3-foot chain, starved and sitting in his own excrement is a much more fitting punishment.

Ricky Pierce

Speaking of *excrement*…here is the guy that broke into his employer’s office looking to steal money and left with the office ablase killing four disabled cats.  His employer?  An Animal Shelter.  Read the initial story here.

Ricky Pierce was sentenced to six years for setting fire to an animal shelter with another two years tacked on for burglary of the same building.  He was also was ordered to reimburse the animal shelter $22,659, pay back QBE Insurance Corp. $51,582 and was fined $2,500. 

This comment was left on our site by Angel L. but it didn’t make it through the spam filter: 

Ricky is a great guy. He made a VERY bad choice, true. Prior to this incident, he has NEVER hurt an animal nor another person. It was about him needing money. Not purposely trying to harm any animal @ SPAS. He wasnt thinking about the cats being inside when it happened. That was a HUGE lapse in judgement. People do crazy things when they try to save their @$$ once they realize they’re doing something really really stupid that reaps heavy consequences.

His trial is over anyway. Its done & in the past. We should all be moving forward to make things better. Not belittling someone. Humans are not here to judge. That is God’s job, not ours.

I know I could take this comment apart letter by letter, but Breaking and Entering, Arson, and Burglary is not your run of the mill *lapse of judgment*.

 Matt England 

The loser that thinks disciplining his dogs is to hold them by the neck, choke them, then beat them on the head with his fists.  Oh, and if you remind him that he’s doing it wrong, he’ll just punch you in the face.  The loser’s story can be found here.

Matt England pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and assault on a woman.  As part of the plea arrangement, one of the cruelty charges was dropped.  He was sentenced to 36 months probation. He will have a curfew, must complete community service and is forbidden from owning a dog until the end of his probation. 

The judge told England to find another home for the dog he still owns.

Melissa Lockhart 

She is the sister of Steven Romero, the man that cruelly dragged a dog named Buddy to death.  She was the one that started this whole disgusting act of cruelty.  She stole Buddy, told her shithead brother to dispose of the dog, and lied to police investigating the dog’s theft and dragging death.  Read about this POS here and here.

She was sentenced to a year in federal prison as an accessory after the fact.   She must also serve one year of supervised release after she serves her prison sentence. 

This woman is lower than filth. 

 Nikia Adams 

A 10-year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department with one starved dog and one starved dead dog.  You would think she would know better being a police officer, or conduct herself accordingly being a police officer.  But NOOOOOO…. 

Read about one of New Orleans finest here.

She pleaded No Contest to the two counts of simple cruelty to animals, and was fired

Oh, maybe I should use their term for it.  “Unfit to serve as a police officer.”

Ashli Thomas

Some people will do anything for attention.  And attention is what this little twit got after lying about being attacked and dogs being stolen from the Cool School for Dogs where she worked.  Read about her here

In a plea deal, Ashli Thomas pleaded guilty to filing a false police report and eight counts of animal cruelty.  She will serve four years on probation — two supervised and two unsupervised — complete 50 hours of community service, allow the animal control office in her town to make animal welfare checks at her home and pay a total of $75 in fines in addition to court costs.  When her sentence is completed, she can have the conviction expunged from her record.

There was one unusual requirement for the plea deal, and that was to sit down with Debbie Dobbs, of the Johnson City/Washington County Animal Shelter, and answer truthfully any questions about the missing dogs.   The details of the discussion between them was never disclosed, but the 12 dogs are, for the record, still considered missing.   

Ashli Thomas worked for her aunt and uncle, Tammara and Brad Josselyn, who owned the Cool School for Dogs.  They had their own day in court.

 Heather OKelley

One more twit for you-all.  She’s got the best hissy fit recorded by a TV field crew that is still online.  Oh, and she was the one that showed up at her araignment without a lawyer.   She really drives home the statement **Batteries Not Included**  Read all about the whiney little bitch here.

She pleaded guilty to the animal cruelty charge and was given one year probation, 120 hours of community service and was fined. 

Nice performance, right?  With the cell phone glued to her ear.  Wonder if she drives like that.

Michael Wondra 

A sick, sick individual.  One with a long list of mental defects that I hope – I hope – never sows any seed that results in offspring.  Read Deanna’s story on this…this abomination here.

Wondra pleaded guilty to one felony charge of Mistreatment of Animals, causing death.  However, he failed to appear for his sentence hearing.  His public defender stated that Wondra was incarcerated elsewhere.  A warrant was issued and the sentencing was rescheduled for January 2011.    

In custody elsewhere.  Isn’t that special.  Is it at a state asylum getting shock treatments?  I would say “I hope so” but that sort of thing might be right up Wondra’s….um…nevermind. 

And there you have it.  A long list of mental defects, knuckledraggers, nitwits, morons, and pinheads.  Diseases with pustules that plaque the face of this earth.

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