Surprise!  A Justice Round-up.  In fact, a post after 8 weeks of nothing.  Well, I’ll get to that later.  Right now I want to update you on a few cases that are worth mentioning.

Jimmy Lovell

He dragged his estranged girlfriend’s dog for miles behind his pickup truck.  Stops…curses at the witnesses, and later abandons the poor thing on the side of the road.  All unintentional he claims.  And he “really felt bad about it and stuff”.

His trial was held last week and resulted in a deadlocked jury.  They only deliberated for two hours.  The judge had no choice but to declare a mistrial and set a new trial for August 7.   Lovely.  We can probably expect the same come August.

It took many weeks for Little Brown Dog to recover from her injuries.  But she’s happy in a new home with a veterinarian and has her own Facebook page called “Justice for LBD.”

And as for Lovell?  May he be a wide-eyed insomniac sitting in a rocking chair facing the front door for the rest of his days.  And if there is any justice, may whatever frightens him come in through the bathroom window – behind him.

Terrence Schwartz

Shoots puppies and terrorizes a 7-year-old girl.

Pled guilty to cruelty to animals and making terroristic threats – threatening to shoot Trisha Chapman’s 7-year-old daughter.  Schwartz was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine, with five years of probation and must complete 100 hours of community service at the Humane Society or another animal shelter.

Somebody remarked “He can mop the floors and clean the poop at the Humane Society, and that can be his punishment.”

That’s it?  Shoots puppies and terrorizes a child and his punishment can be mopping floors and cleaning poop?  Oh that will make a real impression on the creep.

The only impression I seem to enjoy is the mark on his mug.   Supposedly left there by someone who heard about the shooting.   Whoever it was should have used brass knuckles.

Cynthia Cuervo

Deanna’s article on Cuervo noted she was arrested for animal cruelty for the third time.  Well she’s back in the news.  For the fourth time.  Seriously?

Officials in Hillsborough County, Florida have been dealing with Cuervo since 2007.

In 2007, authorities rescued five dogs that were in a dark, unventilated shed in the back of her house. Felony charges were reduced to misdemeanors and eventually dropped.

Then in January 2008, managers of an apartment complex Cuervo had moved to got a complaint about odors coming from her unit. They found sixteen dogs and a crate of dog bones.  Not dog treats; dog remains.  Those charges were dropped as well.


Then, a few months after that, a deputy patrolling neighborhood heard dogs barking in her garage.  This time, she was caught with 14 dogs.  In August 2010, Cuervo was sentenced to five years’ probation in that case and was prohibited from living with animals – even if someone else owned them.

That didn’t stop her.  Last month Deputies got a tip about neglected children, and when they arrived at Cuervo’s home, they were blown away by the deplorable conditions.

The house reeked of urine and was filled with trash and feces. They found a dead bird, and out in the yard, 22 dogs were confined without food or water. One had a broken leg.

Deputies arrested Cuervo and put her two daughters, ages 11 and 13, into state care.

She faces two counts of child neglect, five counts of felony cruelty to animals, 32 counts of unlawful confinement or abandonment of an animal and battery on a law enforcement officer.

I loved reading some of the comments made by the authorities.  “We don’t know what to do with her.”  Well, maybe this will help…throw her in jail for Christ’s sake!

Denise Withee

Another one with the ink barely dry on the court decision.  Denise Withee was convicted of three counts of felony cruel neglect of animals in July 2009. She was sentenced to four years probation and was ordered not to own, possess or reside with any animal for five years.

On January 12, deputies with the Monona County, Iowa, Sheriff’s Department conducted a probation compliance check at Withee’s home and found 13 dogs. The presence of the dogs in her home is a violation of her Nebraska probation.  Her probation supervision was transferred from Nebraska to Iowa when she moved.

Withee may have used an alias to buy the 13 dogs from various sellers. Sioux City Animal Control took the dogs, and new homes have since been found for them.

Well, Withee was supposed to turn herself in at the County jail on January 27th but was was a no show.

In turns out that Withee’s attorney requested that personal matters be taken care of before she serves her time and that could take from 30 to 90 days.  Then Withee will be required to serve 120 days in jail.

If she shows up.

Yes, there were 8 weeks of no posts.  Nothing substantial.  Why is that.  Because…I have nothing to say.

My facebook news feed, my Google news feed, other sites I visit have have nothing but cruelty and I have just burned out.  Oh, I am involved with some animal projects, and my paying gig has been extremely busy.  But I lost any luster for blogging because it’s always the same thing.  Gratuitous cruelty.  Even researching legendary and historical facts about dogs brings no satisfaction.   I was toying with a 50 Dogs – 50 States kind of thing.  A notable dog from each of our 50 states.  But I don’t know.  If I post cruelty, you can count on everyone coming out of the woodwork commenting.  If I post something historical, I might get lucky with one comment.  I don’t want this to be another site for *cruelty junkies*.   So, I need something to snap me out of it.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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