Spring is almost here.  Today we turned our clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time.  And with spring, we’ll all head outside for some spring cleaning.  It’s not that different here at For The Love Of The Dog blog, we do our own discarding of the trash.  And some real trash is just up ahead.  However, we will offer you one justice outcome we can all cheer about.

Amanda Todd

Had a great time one night drinking alcohol and using cocaine.  Then little Miss Party threw her roommates dog against the wall.  The dog’s blood was splattered on the wall and teeth were scattered on the floor.  Read the original article HERE.

It was a moment in her life she cannot explain – she says.  No kidding, toots!  Alcohol and drugs will definitely give you moments you can’t explain, but saying that doesn’t make it any better.  It makes you a moron.

Amanda Todd pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty in Guilford County Superior Court for killing Carrie Stedman’s 4 pound Maltese at their apartment on July 10 2009.   She was sentenced to 18 months probation, 50 hours of community service and must pay $2,581 to cover the cost of the dog’s death.  She faces up to eight months in prison should she not abide by the terms of her probation.

At the time, little Miss Party worked as a dog groomer, but when the animal cruelty charges were filed, she got fired.  She is still working as a dog groomer but now in Connecticut.

Superior Court Judge Andy Cromer made this remark when he sentenced Todd:  “What you do the rest of your life will make up for this… I hope.”

That’s all fine and good Your Honor, but for the rest of us, we’ll just file Amanda Todd with the rest of them in the trash barrel.

Joseph Waters

The man who thought it was OK to perform DIY euthanasia on his dog by smashing his dog’s head twice with a sledgehammer.  Read Deanna’s article HERE.

One year in jail. Waters will also spend one day a week for the next two years either removing dead animals from DeKalb County roadways or cleaning up or fixing the county’s dog parks.  Waters also must pay the medical bills for the dog and is prohibited from owning any animals.

A jury convicted Waters of a felony count of cruelty to animals count for his admission that he meant to kill his dog in the December 2008 attack. The jury also convicted him of two misdemeanor cruelty counts.

Tons of excuses from Waters…he was under stress from a failing marriage and not taking his antidepressant or thyroid medication.  And stated he tried to kill his dog because he feared the animal was sick.

So his dog was sick and its OK to smash him in the head with a sledgehammer?  People who take medicine for depression and thyroid malfunctions can also be considered “sick”.  Point me to the medical professional who recommends the treatment of “death by sledgehammer” for sick people.

Wilmer Fernandez and Axia Rodriquez

The two “mysterious diseases” who starved their pet boxer named Casper.  A dog that was “like a son” to them.  Who “tried everything they could” to heal him from his rapid weight loss – except feed him.

You can read about these wastes of life HERE.

Wilmer was sentenced to 15 months in prison followed by 45 months probation. Axia was sentenced to five years probation. The judge ordered both defendants not to own any animals and to complete 300 hours of community service during their probation.

Fernandez and Rodriquez testified that they were loving owners who didn’t have the money to take Casper to a veterinarian, despite the luxury that surrounded them…an upper middle class home with a Cadillac and a Lexus parked in the driveway and luxury furnishings in the house.

Casper is thriving and happy with his new owner.  In fact, the Tampa Bay Humane Society renamed their food assistance program to Casper’s Cupboard in honor of Casper and his recovery.  A place that is fully stocked with free pet food for families that are struggling.

But I betcha those struggling families don’t own expensive Cadillacs.

Patricia Adkisson

Tennessee’s most notorious puppy miller and part of the largest puppy mill bust in Tennessee’s history.  The background on this horrific case can be read HERE.

10 years in prison.

After her prison sentence, she will be banned from ever owning another animal or even working with any organizations that deal with animals.

Patricia Adkisson was convicted of 14 counts of aggravated animal cruelty and 16 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. These charges stemmed from allegations that Adkisson neglected hundreds of dogs kept in her mass breeding business, Pine Bluff Puppies. Upon sentencing, the Judge noted the court found there was an indefensible treatment of animals and that Adkisson exhibits a low value for life in general.

Move over, Amanda.

Troy Jackson

Here is a hero who wants to rid the world of trash.  Read all about it HERE.

Charges for the animal advocate who was arrested back in December for felony grand theft for taking puppies he says were neglected will no longer face any charges.  County officials have dropped the charges.

A dog and her five puppies were allegedly left out in the cold for several days while the mom dog had two broken legs after apparently being hit by a car.  But the Sheriff’s office in Jefferson County issued the arrest warrant after Jackson took the dogs away for treatment. Jackson says he worked hard to make sure all the dogs received medical treatment and believed the owner of the animals was in support of his efforts. The owner had helped load the animals into Jackson’s vehicle.

Troy Jackson and the owner of the pups agreed it was a miscommunication between the two.  Mr. Jackson returned the puppies to the Sheriffs office earlier this year and they have now been adopted by other families.  The mother dog got her needed surgery and also lives with a new family.  Thank God these dogs did not go back to – the trash!

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