What a sorry list of creeps I have.  Proof that evolution can go in reverse.  Let’s just get started.

Michael Tessmer

His idea of stress relief is to kick his black labradoodle in front of his kids.  So hard the dog died later the same night.  His idea of explaining it to his kids and his soon to be ex-wife was “poor Zorro must have had a heart attack”.  But he was definitely at a loss to explain it when he got arrested because his son, 11-years-old at the time, goes to school and draws a picture of the incident entitled “My Dad is a Killer”.

A jury found Tessmer guilty of causing mental harm to a child and mistreatment of animals, causing death – both felonies.  Tessmer is facing up to nine years in prison when he is sentenced May 9. The mental harm charge carries a 7 1/2 -year prison term; the mistreatment of animals, a 1 1/2 -year term.

Michael Tessmer owns Tessmer Auto Sales in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  He couldn’t kick the tires if he was mad?  He had to repeatedly kick the family dog in front of his children so hard the dog dies?  What…the cars on his lot more important than the well-being of his children?   I guess so.

Maybe he’s got some Killer deals in that car lot.

Jennifer Petkus

What a cute and endearing name for her place – The Tyme and Sage Ranch.  A place that suggested green grass, fragrant herbs, and dogs kicking their heels up in the air with pure exhilaration.

A place that was under contract as an animal shelter to Richland County.  A place with rotting corpses of dogs.  A place of severely ill animals that had to be PTS.  No water.  Frozen water and unheated buildings.  Dogs with severely matted fur.  Feces and other waste.  People who drove to her ranch in anticipation of adopting a puppy fled in horror and disgust.  And for the few who adopted dogs, they lost them to parvo or paid tons of money in vet bills.  Authorities removed 370 dogs and other animals in 2009.

This heavyweight gross sickening woman was originally given 40 criminal misdemeanor charges and citations.  After a 3-week trial a jury found her guilty on six counts only – starving a dog to death, failing to provide water to animals, failing to maintain sufficient cleanliness for animals in her care and mistreatment of a specific ram, bull dog and border collie.

The six guilty counts support a maximum sentence of 54 months in jail or three years probation and up to $10,000 in fines for each count.

She will be sentenced on April 29.  Don’t expect too much from that sentencing.

Lawrence Mick

I have commented enough on this complete waste of oxygen.

Convicted on the Felony weapon charge:  60 days jail time.

Firearms discharge:  dropped as part of a plea agreement.

For inducing panic, cruelty to animals and obstruction of official business:   120 days in jail (84 days credited as time served awaiting trial) plus 60 days on electronic monitor.  2 years probation and 200 hours volunteering at the Toledo Area Humane Society.  He must also pay $2,000 in restitution to the humane society and he’s barred from owning any animals for five years.

Sarge is now known as Paladin and has been living at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.  He’s loving life now.  Check out this video of Paladin taken this past February.  He’s a happy boy now.

Eric Skowron and Alisha King

Behold Dumb and Dumber.  These two couldn’t argue their way out of paper bag.  Like Larry above, I’ve said enough about them.

Found guilty last month of cruelty to animals after having pleaded no contest. Skowron also entered a no contest plea to firearms discharge and criminal trespassing. Alisha King pleaded no contest to petty theft.  City prosecutors dropped charges against Skowron of theft, endangering, and filing a false police report. They also dropped a trespass charge against King.   Dumb faced up to 13 months in jail, and Dumber could have received a year.

Skowron was sentenced to a total of 30 days jail time, with an 60 additional days in either work release or electronic monitoring.  He also must serve four years’ active probation, two years of inactive probation, 100 hours of community service, and pay $100 in fines, plus court costs.  He left the courtroom straight to a jail cell.

King was sentenced to 30 days electronic monitoring, 100 hours of community service, two years’ probation, and $100 in fines plus court costs.

They both were ordered not to have contact with Tyson or his owners.

Tyson’s owners have filed a civil lawsuit in Lucas County Common Pleas Court against  Skowron and King.  That suit seeks in excess of $25,000 for Tyson’s care, plus $150,000 in punitive damages.

So…are they still an item?

Fabian Henderson

Did we actually believe we’d never hear about this knuckledragger again?  Like most of them, they are “revolving door idiots”.  Fabian Henderson, the guy who tossed Oreo from a roof and got a pat on the head by the courts is now back in the courts.

He apparently approached a man at an intersection and asked the man what was in his pockets.  He and two other creeps allegedly punched the victim in the jaw, knocking him to the ground and beat him.

Henderson is charged with three felonies and three misdemeanors for the alleged attack, including attempted robbery, attempted assault and attempted larceny.   Not to mention this is a probation violation from his sentence for the animal cruelty crime against Oreo.

However, I cannot find any follow up on if he appeared in court, got the appearance postponed, got put in jail, got off, got thrown from a train, or was shot off into outer space.

Jimmy Lee Spears, Jr.

The first prosecution under Susie’s Law for Caswell County, N.C.  It was largely ignored until a letter appeared in a local newspaper urging supporters to bring attention to the upcoming court appearance of Jimmy Spears.  It caught the attention of the animal advocates and it must have been an impression on the county DA.

At the court of appearance, Jimmy Lee Spears Jr.’s bond was raised from $5,000 to $75,000 in which District Attorney Wallace Bradsher called Spears’ alleged crimes “a total disregard to the sanctity of life.”

Jimmy Lee Spears has no regard for law, sanctity of life, or honoring thy neighbor.  He is a habitual felon.  He has prior felony convictions for breaking and entering and larceny in January 2000 and May 2009; larceny over $1,000 in July 2000; breaking and entering a vehicle in November 2001; larceny of a vehicle in September 2005; and possession of schedule II controlled substance and receiving a stolen vehicle in January 2006.

Now he can add Felony Animal Cruelty to his list of accolades.  His next court appearance is April 12.  What a shit-stain.

If you have been following our Facebook, I’ve been wondering out loud, with the recent cruelty posts, if an alien portal of some kind can be opened having all the animal abusers sucked through into a black hole or super nova.  If our court system can’t take care of these knuckledraggers, they should be sucked out into outer space.  I know of a group of extraterrestrials up for the challenge, but I’m having a hard time with their terms of payment.

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