We have an interesting mix of verdicts and sentences here so I’ll get right to it.  First up is…

Glynn Johnson

The retired Assistant Fire Chief that was trying to help his neighbors by returning their dog, Karley, to their yard.  Johnson’s idea of helping was to beat Karley so severely with a rock she had to be euthanized.  Read all of Deanna’s articles here.

3 Years Formal Probation
90 Days Jail Time to be served on the weekends consecutively
16 Weeks in an Anger Management Program
400 Hours of community service to be performed at the Humane Society or any agency that is dedicated to working with Canines. 

Glynn Johnson left the courthouse through a gauntlet of obscenities and shouts of “puppy killer”.   In fact, Johnson was so popular with his fellow firefighters that they set up a legal fund for the Tools, Karley’s owners.  What’s that tell you?

The judge purposely made working with animals part of his community service.  Yeah? But what organization is going to want him around?

Terry Kleiman 

Cooked his ex-girlfriend’s dog in the oven to get back at her following their break-up.  Read Deanna’s story here.

Convicted by a jury of burglary and mistreatment of animals after he broke into his former girlfriend’s apartment and put her 5-month-old Pekingese poodle in the oven.

He was sentenced to 6 years in prison, with 4 years extended supervision. Kleiman is ordered to not own any pets while on this sentence, and any woman he dates has to speak with his parole agent first.  That ought to go over big on a first date.


Danielle Graham

This came to a quick close, but it will piss you off.   This is the woman who threw her boyfriend’s dog into a busy street, where it was hit by a car and killed.  Then asked for a hug.  Read the initial story here.

Pleaded no contest to an animal cruelty charge and was placed on three years probation. Prosecutors dropped a second count of battery with injury on a peace officer.  That’s it.  Can you believe that? 

She was released from jail shortly after her plea.  To an insane asylum, I hope.


Abby Toll

The twit with a roll of packing tape.  Taped her boyfriend’s dog, Rex, to a refrigerator after arguing with him.   Read the background here.

Guilty of felony aggravated animal cruelty.  

She stomped out of the court house cursing her ex-boyfriend, Bryan Beck, and blaming him of abusing poor Rex.  Nevermind she confessed to the cops she was the one who did it. 

Beck pleaded guilty last summer to misdemeanor attempted animal cruelty in the case and was given a one-year deferred sentence.

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