Here we go…another edition of Justice Round-Up.  We got quite the bunch here. 

Mary Wild

The “professional” dog handler who allowed 7 of 8 show dogs to roast to death in her van after returning from a dog show.  She was charged with 8 misdemeanor counts of animal abuse.  Read the background story here.   She chose to forgo a jury trial for a bench trial.  BIG MISTAKE.

Guilty on all 8 counts. 

The judge stated he did not believe that Wild intended to hurt the show dogs in her care.  But she should have known better.   She faces 8 years in jail and $1,000 fine for each count.   Sentencing is scheduled for July 1, 2010. 

We know she won’t get sentenced to the max.  We’ve seen enough of these paltry sentences to not get our hopes to high.  But it’s a little harder to appeal a bench trial verdict.  In fact, it’s nearly impossible.  We can only hope that the guilty verdict opens the floodgates for the civil lawsuits.  That should keep her busy for a while.  It’s hard to state in civil court “I didn’t do it” when a judge declares you guilty in criminal court.  She was paid money to show these dogs and she was negligent in caring for living beings that belonged to other people.  

Mary Wild and her mother, Jeannie Wild, have their own dog breeding business, Wild Wind Malamutes.  I, uh, expect the prices on puppies will be raised real soon.

Chris Grant

Punts his friend’s dog violently in an elevator completely clueless he was being videotaped. 

Pled guilty to animal cruelty for beating the 10-pound dog in the elevator of his Harlem housing project. He was sentenced to three months in jail.  Read the background story here.

In addition to his three-month sentence, Grant is currently serving a one-year jail term for an unrelated trespassing charge.  He was anticipating a lighter sentence in the trespass case, but a criminal court judge withdrew the option after realizing Grant was the man captured video assaulting the helpless little dog.   Buh-bye, Grant. 

Tracia Johnson

The hambeast who tossed her dog in the trash with an electrical cord tied around his neck.  She was met at the court house by protesters holding signs saying Justice for Tommy.  Read Deanna’s story here.  

Tracia Johnson pleaded guilty to one count of cruelty to animals and was sentenced to one year probation and 250 hours of community service.  She is also forbidden from owning an animal during probation and had to forfeit her $1,000 bond as the fine.  In exchange for her plea, two other charges were dropped. 

Tommy, the puppy she abused was at the court house this morning.  I sure hope she saw him.  I sure hope she saw what others did to help her dog!  Oh what’s the use…she probably hightailed it out to McDonalds right after for a dozen Egg McMuffins. 

Tommy has recovered nicely and has been adopted.  Please enjoy his story with pictures at Hope Animal Rescue.

Brian and Betsy Spin

The parents of two small children in a house full of garbage, feces and mold – and 9 dead dogs.  Amityville Horror anyone?  You can read Deanna’s story here.

Brian and Betsy Spin each pleaded guilty to six charges of animal cruelty and two charges of child endangering.  Brian Spin will serve a 30-day sentence in the county jail, and Betsy Spin will serve 75 hours of community service.  Betsy Spin was given a lighter sentence because of some personal issues and the fact that she commutes each weekend to work in Chicago.

Both will be on probation for one year, and they have to pay $100 on each count, about $800 total, and $1,000 in restitution to the Police Department.  The $1,000 restitution was ordered because conditions inside the home were so bad that detectives and safety personnel investigating the case had to dispose of all the clothing they were wearing. 

That was 4,500 square feet of house.  That’s a lot of garbage, mold and feces.  I say WAS because the bank has foreclosed on the property and has now put out a request for bids from demolition services.

James DeGroff 

I am mentioning him again not because of any decision on the animal cruelty charges, but because this knuckledragger is in trouble again. 

One misdemeanor count of obstructing an officer and three counts of felony bail jumping one for each pending case.

He was spotted driving away from a gas station at about 4 a.m.  Sped away from the officer trying to pull him over, then jumped out of the car running away before he was apprehended.  He also has a revoked license.

He’s free on bond on a charge for repeatedly choking his girlfriend because she objected to him kissing another woman at a bar.

His other charge is for allegedly hanging a dog to death on a Cascade park swing in November 2008.  He was upset his ex-girlfriend was spending time at the dog owner’s house. He is scheduled for a three-day jury trial in this case beginning June 29.

He also has a pending felony count of second-degree sexual assault from a March 2008 offense. He was convicted of a misdemeanor and given a deferred conviction agreement, but that agreement now may be revoked due to the additional crimes. 

DeGroff is living proof evolution can go in reverse.

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