I rounded up a real bunch for you today.  The pathetic and piss-poor sentences on this bunch are sickening.  In fact, I don’t know WHO to start with.

Tiara Davis

She kicked the crap out of her little dog in the Grant House elevator.  She’s 200 pounds of – I don’t know what – against a 9 pound Pomeranian.  Read Deanna’s story here.

Pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and agreed to complete 12 weeks of anger management classes and 100 hours of community service.   As part of her plea, Davis promised she would not own another pet for at least five years.  Davis will only serve jail time,  a maximum of 15 days, if she violates the terms of her agreement.

Disorderly Conduct.  Fifteen days. That’s, uh, quite the punishment.

I guess it didn’t help when the prosecutor burst out laughing in court while reading her alleged police statements into the record just this past April.  Davis had allegedly told cops she lit into the pup because he was “pissing and s – – ting” indoors.  The prosecutors offered her a 60-day jail sentence.  She rejected it.  Well, she got a reduced sentence and charge.  Note to all prosecutors out there.  Do not laugh when presenting animal cruelty charges to the court.  Judges may not appreciate your version of decorum.

David Robinson

I guess they don’t pay sheriff deputies very well in Richmond because this guy didn’t have over two dozen pit bulls tied up with chains, fighting one another, and dogfighting paraphernalia like dog rings, pulling sleds, harnesses, medical equipment and drugs hanging around just for decoration.  You can read the background here.

Pleaded guilty to 4 counts of dogfighting and 8 counts of Animal Cruelty and was sentenced to 14 months in jail for keeping more than 20 pit bulls inside his home.  He could’ve gotten up to 28 years for the crimes but the judge suspended 18 years and 10 months.

In addition to the time Robinson serves, prosecutors also say he’ll have to pay $7,000 dollars in restitution to cover veterinary bills and impound expenses.

Robinson could ask the judge to serve his sentence through home incarceration after 4 months in jail.  Nice.

Don’t vomit yet folks.  I’m not done.

Mary Wild

Hear that?  It’s me banging my head against a concrete wall.  Read all about Wild Mary here.

Found guilty on all 8 counts of animal cruelty against her after a bench trial.  She was sentenced to two years’ probation, 80 hours of community service at an animal control center, and must write a 750-word essay on how heat affects dogs and what she should have done to care for them properly.

This is a sentence? This was a trip to the high school principal’s office!

The judge stated he said he would leave the matter of restitution to the civil courts to decide.  Isn’t that special.  I hope the lawsuits keep the little twerp busy for the next 20 years.   And somebody out there puleeeeze tell me her career as a show dog handler is over.

I still got one more so hold onto your stomachs.

James DeGroff

Quite a list of accolades.  Accused of hanging a dog that died a slow, horrible death.  A pending felony count of second-degree sexual assault currently on a deferred sentence.  One misdemeanor count of obstructing an officer and three counts of felony bail jumping.  Driving on the revoked list.  Read Deanna’s story here.

Instead of being found guilty of being a clear and present danger, he was found not guilty in the hanging death of Smokey.   The jury decided the evidence was circumstantial and acquitted DeGroff of the animal cruelty charges.

Ok!!!! You can all go throw up now!!

But wait!  I have one more.

Tyrik Clarence Cain

In order to understand any of this, please check out the comments section with the original story here.

Here is a young man that was changing his life – going to college, working full time, and had dreams of becoming a veterinarian.

According to Grandma….

A young man who spent his childhood watching the Animal Planet and Discovery Channel instead of all the cartoon channels because he LOVES all animals and has all of his life.

According to Grandma…

A young man who can’t catch a break because of all the ignorant judgmental biatch bloggers out here.

According to Grandma…

A young man who is innocent and will be cleared of all charges, and apologies will be demanded from all the no-good, worthless, biatch bloggers out here.

According to Aunt Kim…

A young man that had five pit bulls chained in the backyard with little or no water, hundreds of bones thought to have been from dogs both in plain view and shallowly buried, magazines and Internet print-outs depicting dogfighting, correspondence between Cain and other individuals discussing dogfighting, and dope.  All of this does not make him guilty of dog fighting, or animal cruelty.  He never mistreated any dogs, in fact, he loves dogs.

According to Aunt Kim…

And now…according to Tyrik Clarence Cain

Admitted to fighting the dogs that were kept on his property.  Explained that he had fought dogs on several occasions and shared the dogs’ bloodlines, how he trained the dogs, and how he learned of and hosted dog fights.  Admitted that the bones found near his home were the remains of dead dogs he buried there.  All of this was confirmed by an informant.

Tyrik Clarence Cain was charged with animal cruelty, organized dogfighting and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.  He entered an Alford plea and was sentenced to four years in prison, with an additional 12 years suspended.

Here is a young man that, honestly, had nothing to do with dog fighting and is not guilty of these crimes.

According to Grandma…


Well friends, are we surprised? NOT!  These sentences are typical sentences that are meted out by our so called “justice system” to these vile animal killers and abusers.  Goes to show just how much the “justice system” values the lives of companion animals and justice!

We beg and plead and work to get harsher legislation passed so that these POSes actually pay for their crimes but it does no good!  What is it going to take for these judges to actually see how serious these crimes really are?  People, and I use that term lightly, who abuse and kill animals are much more likely to use violence against other people if these judges don’t give a damn about animals,what about fellow human beings?  Or don’t they care about them either?

As usual I am dismayed, angry and frustrated… there are no words for these pathetic and pitiful sentences being handed down!  Maybe when one of these wastes of life take the life of another, maybe a defenseless child or senior, someone might look back and say, “Ooops, they could have prevented this from happening if only…. ”  But then it will be too late… 🙁


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