Welcome to another edition of Justice Round-Up where we follow-up on a few of the stories that have previously been posted and let you know what happened. You can judge for yourself if justice has been served or not and I can tell you, most of the time it doesn’t even come close!!

Benton County Animal Shelter

Three individuals accused of committing animal cruelty and neglect by failing to provide the necessary care for the animals at the shelter.  The background story is HERE.


Jacqueline Boyett (Animal Control Officer) – sentenced to 11 months and 29 days of probation and 10 days of jail time. She was fined $250 and will have to serve 40 hours of community service.  Boyett also pled guilty to a drug charge, which stemmed from a separate arrested during her time as Animal Control Officer.


Gilbert Andrew Jourdan III (Animal Shelter Employee) – also sentenced to 11 months and 29 days of probation and 10 days of jail time. He was fined $250 and will have to serve 40 hours of community service.


Mayor Jimmy Wiseman – charges dismissed.  Judge Larry Logan dismissed the charge, ruling that Wiseman didn’t knowingly commit a criminal act and wasn’t responsible for the actions of shelter workers.

Source:  Pet-Abuse.com

Bill Whiting and Edna

Victor Rodriquez and a couple of his knuckle-dragging friends kidnapped Bill Whiting’s dog, Edna and held her for ransom.   Deanna’s initial article is HERE.   The investigation into this crime hit a brick wall thanks to the bureaucratic  incompetence by Verizon.

Victor Rodriquez was convicted of four misdemeanor charges: theft by extortion, conspiracy, terroristic threats and harassment/stalking.  He was sentenced to a juvenile treatment facility in western Pennsylvania.  He is now out on parole.  His accomplices were never identified or brought to justice.

And the saddest part of this is?  Edna has never been found.

Source:  Philadelphia Daily News  (Note:  articles are now archived)

Ray Stanfill, Gage

The trigger-happy, former criminal justice professor of Bossier Parish Community College shot and killed his neighbor’s dog, Gage.  Gage was in his own yard behind a fence.  Stanfill said he was looking for snakes.   Too bad he didn’t check the bathroom mirror that day.  Click HERE for Deanna’s article.

He was officially charged with “Aggravated Felony Animal Cruelty,” but was found guilty of “Simple Animal Cruelty,” a misdemeanor.

His sentence:  Six months jailtime, suspended.  Ordered to do 180 Consecutive days (8 hour days) of community Service at The Bossier County Animal Control Center.  Two years active probation.  Fined  $1,000 plus court costs.  Pay $1,000 restitution to Gage’s owners.  And ordered to pay his probation officer $55.00 a month for the entire two years that he is on probation.

That’s not all. (Please don’t shoot the messenger.)

On July 1, 2009, the Second Circuit Court of Appeal of Louisiana vacated most of his sentence.   He only has to serve 5 days community service.  That’s it.  You can view the full PDF document from the court HERE.

Joseph Gutierrez

Another trigger-happy dolt.  This former Teton County Sheriff’s Deputy shot and wounded a dog owned by Leonel Barboza.  He was investigating a dog complaint.  Stepped into the yard, demanded the dog, and shot him.  No warrant.  No threat of attack.   Read the story HERE.

He plead guilty.  He admitted he “entered the property of another and, being unprovoked, intentionally and without the consent of the animal’s owner, kills or injures a domestic animal not his own.”

Gutierrez was sentenced to 30 days in jail, with 25 days suspended and 5 days on the sheriff’s inmate labor detail.  The court also required Gutierrez to pay a $100 fine and serve 6 months of unsupervised probation. The court granted a withheld judgment.

A few months after he shot the family’s dog, he resigned.  Gosh, golly, gee, whiz.

Source:   2News.TV

That’s it for this submission.  I sit here and just shake my head.

Thanks Andrea!  So much for the “justice” in Justice Round-Up!

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