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For the Love of the Dog

Justice Round-Up 8/25/10

In the realm of justice, we seem to have some we never hear about again, and some that just keep cycling through.   To some of those in the area of administering justice, common sense prevails.  And to some, giving second and third chances don’t do squat.  See if you can pick them out from today’s list.

Juan Daniels

His family was there tearfully pleading for mercy.   They feel that Juan deserves a second chance, just like Louis got his second chance.  And little good it did.

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles voted 3-0 to deny early release to 23-year-old Juan Daniels of Montgomery, who was sentenced in 2009 to nine years and six months in prison. That’s a record in Alabama in an animal cruelty case.

Daniels will be eligible for parole again in July 2012.  So mark your calendars.

It was stated there were several reasons not to grant Daniels parole.  One was the seriousness of the crime itself.   Daniels’ criminal record showed he has been in and out of criminal court since he was 12.   In addition, Daniels has received nine citations in prison for bad behavior since learning the date of his parole hearing.

Louis Vuitton was one of the witnesses present at the parole hearing happily wagging his tail at the outcome.  It was the first time a dog victim was allowed to a parole hearing for his abuser. 

Louis went from this…

To this…

You got that right, Louis.  Buh-Bye Juan!

Fabian Henderson 

He tossed his dog, Oreo, off a six-story building breaking her two front legs and ribs.  Read the background story HERE

On February 19, 2010, Fabian Henderson was sentenced to 6 months probation and mandatory job training program.  He was told that he could not “own” or be in a confined space with any companion animals for a period of 1 year.  The Judge altered that part of the sentence, to allow him to visit his mother, who apparently shares her son’s “love” of animals.

If he gets arrested again during his probation or if he does not complete the mandatory job program, he is subject to a 2-year prison sentence.

Fabian Henderson was a “no show” for his first sentencing hearing and was taken into custody in early December 2009 and had remained in jail until he was released on February 19th.  He was jailed for disrespecting the court, but the punishment for felony animal cruelty is a short probation and a job training program. 

And I certainly have no doubts that his job training counselor is none other than Tiara Davis.  You know, the 200 pound hambeast who works as a vocational counselor for ex-offenders that dragged, kicked and beat her 9 pound little Pomeranian, Sparky. 

Nice job there New York City.  Fabian Henderson is laughing and thumbing his nose in your direction. 

The ASPCA never attended a single court appearance on Oreo’s behalf.  I guess they figured why should they.  After all, they killed her. 

Abby Toll

She had quite the tantrum after being convicted of animal cruelty, still blaming it all on her BF at the time, Bryan Beck.  View the tantrum HERE.   And you can read Deanna’s background story HERE.

Abby Toll cried when sentenced to 30 days in jail and three years of probation. She was also ordered to perform 200 hours of community service, pay $771 in restitution, and have no contact with animals while she is on probation.  She is also required to attend classes for domestic violence, mental health and anger management. She was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs. 

She was released early on July 30 2010 for good behavior and for going to classes in jail and staying out of trouble.

When she was sentenced Abby Toll told the judge “It’s now my duty to prove to society that I am not the monster they claim me to be.”

Well she might be able to do that, but, I’d like to see her explain a felony conviction on all her future job applications. 

And I hope you all viewed her TV hissy fit.  I swear, she yelled “HOW DARE THEY” at the end of the video.  Spoiled much?

Brad and Tamarra Josselyn

They made quite the impassionate plea to find nine dogs that were stolen by theft that left their niece, Ashli Thomas, wounded.  When police found out that Ashli made the story up, they took a closer look at the Cool School for Dogs and seized 22 filthy, neglected, and starving dogs.  Deanna’s original story is HERE

Brad and Tammara Josselyn, owners of the Cool School for Dogs entered Alford pleas on animal neglect charges.  As part of the plea bargain, the Josselyn’s were sentenced to three years probation and 200 hours of community service. They also have to pay restitution to the Johnson City-Washington County Animal Shelter. For the next three years, the Josselyn’s cannot board, train, or rescue dogs. However, they can continue to care for the eight personal pets they currently own.

And as for Ashli Thomas

Grand jurors indicted Ashli Thomas on eight counts of animal cruelty along with filing a false report.  She was the Cool School for Dogs employee who was responsible for the conditions of several malnourished dogs found inside the business.

Her next court date, after several postponements, is September 7 2010.

And the Josselyn’s are still pleading for the return of the dogs.

There is a Facebook Group dedicated to findings these dogs.  From what I can tell, one definitely is dead and possibly another dead.  Two dogs were found dead in a crate near Knoxville, TN back in March.  A microchip confirmed one of these dead dogs was from the group stolen.  The other dead dog resembles one of the stolen dogs.  Nothing more about the other missing dogs.

Somebody knows something and somebody is not telling.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne told his girlfriend that if he couldn’t have the puppy, then no one would.  And to seal the deal, he beat the puppy to death with a flashlight.   Read the background story HERE.

Dwayne Johnson pled no contest to animal cruelty and was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison with 3 years of extended supervision.

Johnson made a statement about the 5 – 6 people who witnessed the beating.  “They were looking at me like I was a maniac.”  

No, they were not looking at you as if you were maniac.  They were looking at you as a scum-sucking, fat, cowardly, animal abusing, overweight grossly obese tard who is the next poster boy for heart disease and high blood pressure. 


David Santuomo 

His two dogs put a damper on his cruise plans so instead of boarding them, he shoots them.  Deanna’s story about this pillar of society is HERE

He was sentenced to 18 months in jail, all but 90 days suspended to be served on weekends over a two year period, $4500 restitution, $150 in fines, 200 hours community service, possess no firearms over the next 5 years, and write a letter of apology to a firefighters magazine and to the local paper, the Columbus Dispatch.

And would you believe that sentence was just too much to handle.  He still has not completed the community service, has not made any effort to make a payment towards the restitution, and was arrested for drunk driving.

This time, he will spend 30 days in jail.  If he screws that up, he will serve his 18 months in jail.

Working as a firefighter since1996, his personnel files show that he’s been verbally reprimanded several times, including for being late for work six times.  He also was reprimanded three times for making discourteous comments to co-workers and the public, including twice for broadcasts that were deemed inappropriate from the dispatching center. In 2007, Santuomo was disciplined for allowing his basic Emergency Medical Technician license to expire. The license is required by the state of Ohio and his union contract.

He has a misdemeanor criminal charge of passing a bad check and his driver’s license was once suspended for failing to pay a traffic fine.

In addition, an internal affairs investigation on the animal cruelty charge found that Santuomo sent a threatening text message to a fellow firefighter because he thought a Columbus police officer had turned him.  The message said, “You realize that there is a funeral in CPD’s future.”

Uh…this man has serious mental issues.   And these issues certainly have raised a dozen red flags with his employment and his union.   He was fired from his job and later appealed it to get reinstated.  The union would not help him in his appeal.

Santuomo has been unemployed after the conviction and is behind on rent and child-support payments.  “It feels like I’ve gone from crisis to crisis,” he told the judge.

I’m afraid that crisis is going to hit maximum velocity real soon.

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