Here we go with another round of justice, such as it is.  We have a mental case, a Rescue wannabe, a drunk, and something…I don’t know what!

small_jasonJason Allen Williams

The former doggie day care worker, dog trainer, and all-around dog lover who abused his pet dog.  A dog, he says, he truly loved.  The dog was beaten, given antifreeze and hanged from a tree.  So much for truly loving your dog.  Click here for Deanna’s original story.

The judge sentenced Williams to 45 days in jail, to be on a tether for 45 days after his release, two years of probation, completion of mental health treatment, not own an animal or be near an animal without proper supervision, and to pay $368 in costs and fees and $1,500 in court costs.

The judge also ordered Williams to pay $2,359 in restitution to the Saugatuck group Wishbone Pet Rescue Alliance. The group took care of the dog and facilitated his adoption.

His crime outraged the community so much that during one of his court appearances, Williams wore a bullet-proof vest.

Chance is now living the good life with a new family.  His kidneys will never be the same again because of the poisoning so he will need to be on a special diet for the rest of his life.  Chance was at court that day.  After it was all done, Chance got a day at the beach.

The Holland Sentinel.

howery_airDavid Howery

The former owner of the Clean Slate Animal Rescue.  So *clean* the authorities had to remove 240 dogs, 31 cats, 53 chickens, 13 goats, three sheep, three chinchillas, one horse, two donkeys and a large parrot from filth and neglect.  Background is here.

Howery was sentenced to 12 months in jail, with 60 days to be served and 10 months suspended for two years on the following conditions:

•He is to commit no violations of the law;
•He is not to possess, own or care for any animals;
•He is to pay a fine of $2,000 plus $183 in court costs;
•He is to pay restitution in the amount of $155 to Mountain View Rescue for the care of the horses seized;
•He is to have a mental health assessment within 30 days of his release from jail, and is to follow the recommendations made as a result of the assessment.

The Adair Progress

John Coppes

Looking for love in all the wrong places.  He admitted in court to having sex with animals.  Read Deanna’s background story here.

Pleaded guilty to charges involving sexual contact with both a dog and a horse in an incident last year.  He was sentenced to one year in jail and ordered to pay a $500 fine and $100 in court costs.

When Coppes was arrested he was still inside the horse pen and a bottle of “Astroglide Personal Lubricant” was found in his possession.  OH EEEWWWW!!


Eldon Wabasha

Another blotto who says he’s “sorry”.   He broke the jaw and knocked teeth out of his cousin’s 5-month-old puppy, Sneegle.  Deanna’s story on this is here.

District Court Judge John Nelson sentenced Wabasha to 30 days jail, with credit for 25 served, and two years of probation with the ban on owning animals during the probation period.

He also ordered Wabasha to complete a psychological evaluation to deal with issues with alcohol use and anger.

Sneegle is doing well and has been adopted into a new home.


Thanks Andrea, looks like more lack of justice meted out to more animal abusers!  When the hell are things going to change?  And I don’t mean just for animal abusers either, I mean for criminals… period!  It’s way past time that the judicial system stop coddling the criminals and treating them better than the innocent victims are treated!  When punishments for crimes finally become harsh and strong enough maybe they will actually finally serve as the deterrents they’re supposed to be.  It’s tie for the justice system to start meting out some real justice!!

This is only going to happen when “we” stand up and tell our legislators that we are sick and tired of it and want changes and want them now!! It’s up to us! So stop your whining and do something; contact your legislators, tell them we want real justice. If you’re not ready to be proactive, when you’re the innocent victim, or your pet, or family member or friend, you have no cause for whining, you allowed it to happen!

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