Betcha you all thought we forgot about Justice Round-Up.  If you can call it that.  Well, we’ve been busy with other projects taking us offline for a bit, but here is a little catch-up with the idiots profiled on this website.

Brandon Vongthongthrip

Screwed the pooch over 400 times over 5 years.  Read about this…this…humanoid here.

Pled to three counts of sexually assaulting an animal and was sentenced to one year in jail, five years of probation, and a $500 fine payable to the Oregon Humane Society. He must undergo sex offender treatment.

During his probation, Vongthongthip won’t be allowed to own animals or to contact the family dog he abused.

The man lived with mother and her boyfriend and abused the family dog 400 times over 5 years.  Tell me nobody noticed?  ‘Scuz me while I go vomit.

Kimberly Nizato

Yeah, the veterinary technician that starved her dog, now known as Courage.   Read about this pathetic veterinary professional here.

She pled no contest to felony animal cruelty back in June, but Nizato’s attorney asked the judge that the charge be reduced, saying it was a “crime of omission, not commission.”  That was one hell of an omission.  A dog in your house starving to death.  She just didn’t care.

So she was sentenced on one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty instead of the felony charge she originally faced.  Thirty days in county jail and three years’ probation and was ordered to pay the Orange County German Shepherd Rescue organization $2,034 in restitution.  She was also banned from owning a pet and ordered her to undergo counseling.  Good luck with that.

Now here are a few interesting tidbits.  Abusers appealing their sentences.  Boy they never quit.

Wilmer Fernandez

He and his wife starved their dog named Casper saying they had no money for dog food in spite of having expensive possessions and a nice house.  Another piece of shit.

Sentenced to 15 months in prison, 45 months’ probation, 300 community service hours, more than $1,000 in restitution and said he could never own, possess or care for an animal again.

He appealed the length of the sentence but a judge upheld the prison sentence so his ass was tossed back in jail.  Idiot.

Linda Kapsa

Linda Kapsa, serving a 20-year suspended sentence for felony aggravated animal cruelty, is asking a judge to reduce her sentence and allow her to keep more animals.  She was also restricted by the number of animals she could keep – three dogs, 20 chickens, 10 goats and four horses.

She believes her public defenders failed to properly represent her and also stated that prosecutors violated a plea agreement by failing to make sure that volunteers who cared for her dogs would be given first choice at adoption.

Kapsa seeks to increase the number of animals she can have and reduce the term of her probationary sentence.

And this one takes the cake.  

Steven Clay Romero

Steven Romero appealed his three year sentence for aggravated animal cruelty in the dragging death of “Buddy”, a dog belonging to a family in Delta, Colorado.  Guess what?  He thinks his sentence was substantially unreasonable.  Remember, this man has 11 felony convictions.   His probation office prepared a report on this to the judge.  Because he made a series of telephone calls attempting to silence witnesses and procure false grand jury testimony, his prior felony convictions, amphetamine dependence, and intermittent explosive disorder, his appeal was denied.  Thank the force!

Well my list of abusers is getting low.  I haven’t been ignoring animal abuse, but the list I review everyday is the same.  Every day more cases.  It never stops and it just wears you down.  As you can see from the above, it will continue to be a problem everywhere in the world if animal cruelty is not taken seriously.  Don’t let me hear “it’s just a dog”.  I’ve said it before.  Today “just a dog”.  100 years from now, it’s gonna be “but it was just a little girl…just a little boy…”.  Afraid that may be the case in the next millennium.

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