On Thursday, three or four juveniles took the dog for a walk to the rail tracks near the Olney train station and when they got there, their fun started. It takes some really sick and twisted minds to do something like this! They covered the dog, a pitbull, with a towel, doused it with lighter fluid, then set the poor dog on fire.

Local residents saw three or four juveniles in the area and called the police. Unfortunately by the time the police made it to the scene, all that was left was cans of lighter fluid and the still smoldering body of the tortured dog.

“It appears these kids had nothing better to do than set a dog on fire,” said George Bengal, chief law enforcement officer for the PSPCA who arrived at the scene on Tabor Road near Mascher, at about 6:15 p.m. “It’s appalling.”

PSPCA officials announced a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the juveniles who burned the pit bull to death.

“I’ve seen kids do things like this before,” said Bengal. “But this is pretty bizarre.”

They did find tags on the dog are are trying to locate the owner.

“It may have been a black dog with some other colors,” Bengal said. “But it was pretty hard to tell. And its face was all burned up.”

Another lifeless dog was found in a trash bag just a few feet away from the remains of the burned animal. It appeared the dog in the bag had been there for about a week, Bengal said.

The discovery of the dead dogs came just a few weeks after District Attorney Lynne Abraham appointed Barbara Paul, an assistant district attorney, to specifically handle animal-cruelty cases.

Abraham noted at the time that the number of animal-cruelty cases in the city were dramatically rising, and referred to research that suggested people who harm animals are more likely to commit other violent acts.

“How we treat our animals is a reflection upon society as a whole,” she said.

Anyone with information can contact the PSPCA at 1-866-601-SPCA or e-mail cruelty@pspca.org. (Philly.com)

What the hell motivates kids to do something do depraved, cruel and sadistic as to set a dog on fire and kill it? What kind of a thrill could they possibly get watching an animal writhe in pain, struggling and screaming? Is there a hope for kids who do this? I don’t think so, their crimes are only going to get worse and worse. Usually innocent animals are just one of the first steps on this road to a life of violence and death for this scum!!

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