One of the two surviving puppies, Rally, being fedOn August 21, a bag of a dozen newborn puppies were found tossed in a dumpster at the dump site on Montana 82 in Somers, only two of the German wire-haired pointer puppies survived.

Since the puppies were found, Jenn Makulec, who maintains the dump sites for the county, has been caring for them, feeding them every two hours. The puppies, which she named Tucker and Rally, are doing well and have gotten a lot of attention.

“They’re really strong, they’re really active,” Makulec said. “They’re like public puppies. Everybody wants to see them. If all 12 had just been left in a box next to the Dumpster, they’d all have homes by now.”

You have to wonder who could do such a cruel thing; tie a dozen newborn puppies in a bag then toss them in a dumpster….

Well, turns out the heartless b**tard in this case is a 74 year old retired doctor, John L. Heine, who breeds puppies. He said the puppies were an unwanted litter. First he tried to down them, then he bagged and tossed them. He said he didn’t know dumping puppies was illegal.

“I didn’t know that at the time, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it,” said Heine, who claimed ignorance of the law.

How about heartless and cruel?? Guess morality didn’t come into play any more than legality did! Makes you wonder how often he may have done this in the past.

His claim is that he was worried that they would contact parvo after two puppies he had previously imported from Texas had died from it. Officials said that none of the dogs showed any sign of the illness.

Heine has been retired from obstetrical practice fro about 5 years but had been training and breeding dogs for 40 years. He currently has 12 other dogs and showed up at the animal shelter the day after the puppies were found to apply for a kennel license.

Heine has charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, 12 felony counts. If convicted, Heine faces up to two years in prison and a $2,500 fine.

“I’m pleased it’s a felony,” Flathead Valley Animal Shelter director Kirsten Holland said. “We’ll wait and see how things go and hope justice is served.”

This piece of shit has also refused to allow the mother dog to nurse the two surviving puppies after a plea from the animal shelter director.

Wonder how his past obstetrical patients feel right now, knowing that he delivered babies but so easily tosses new lives away!

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