Kathy Bauck Kathy Bauck, notorious former owner of Pick of the Litter kennel was convicted of 4 misdemeanor charges, 3 of torture and 1 of animal cruelty, in March. Now Judge Waldemar Senyk has handed down the sentence and I am just beyond anger and sadness at the total lack of compassion and justice this sentence shows; 20 days in jail and a $500 fine! Unbelievable!! Pathetic!!

Bauck, who has a history of animal cruelty and practicing veterinary medicine without a license has been charged in the past and seems to manage to plea down and wound up with practically no punishment. Minnesota is pathetically lax when it comes to laws covering breeders or in her case, puppy millers, and she has again and again taken advantage.

“She has been cited for inadequate record-keeping, animals with swollen limbs, missing skin, animal fighting with each other inside her facility, unsafe and unsanitary housing. You name it, she’s been cited many times by the USDA,” Jill Fritz, Minnesota Humane Society Director said.

Originally facing 9 felony counts of animal cruelty, practicing veterinary medicine without a license and torture, by the time she went to court most had been thrown out and she faced only minimal charges and was convicted of only 4 misdemeanor charges.

Amazing that in light of the incredible video that by shot undercover showing the cruelties and horrors she inflicted on the dogs at the kennel. If you have the stomach for it, you can view the video HERE. It’s tough to take and even tougher to believe that anyone could view that and not remove every dog from that kennel and lock that bitch up for good!

Well, good ole Judge Waldemar Senyk decided that sentencing her on only one count of animal torture would be enough to encompass all the charges and only gave her a slap on the wrist, bad girl!! She could have gotten up to 90 days in jail per each count and/or up to a fine of $1,000 per each count but guess Senyk either didn’t watch the video, slept through the proceedings or just plain doesn’t give a damn, take your choice.

Looks like Kathy Bauck will be back to torturing, abusing and practicing in no time, not that she ever actually stopped. Pick of the Litter kennel is now “owned” by her husband and daughter but there’s no doubt who runs this hellhole.

If you’d like to let the Honorable Judge Senyk know what you think of this sentence, the contact info is as follows:

Honorable Judge Waldemar Senyk
121 West Junius Avenue, Suite 310
Fergus Falls, MN 56537
Fax 218-998-8414
Phone: (218) 998-8420

As difficult as it will be, try to be polite and professional but express your displeasure and dissatisfaction.

No doubt we’ll be hearing more in the future… I want to say more but thing will only deteriorate to an unpublishable point!

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