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For the Love of the Dog

Kill The Kitty — Fun and Games at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

WOW.  Is this ever repulsive!

A video has been uploaded to YouTube that is spreading like wildfire across facebook and other animal blogs.

It is a video capturing some *fun and games* at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.  Employees making obscene gestures and chanting “Kill the Kitty”, as they roughly remove a cat by a catch-pole.  They certainly seem to be enjoying this part of the job.  Please tell me there is no sequel to this crap like “Kill the Doggie” hiding out there somewhere.

Taking part in this vid is Pat Horan, currently the Shelter’s Director.  Along with some obscene gestures to the camera person, she’s heard chanting in the background “KILL THE KITTY…KILL THE KITTY..”

Nice leadership demonstrated by a Shelter Director.

Here is the entire video.

The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter has constantly made the news over the last months regarding banning shelter volunteers, quickly replacing employees last year when the DA was checking them out, and now preventing any inquiries about their shelter pets by phone calls. That’ right. If your interested in a pet you now have to email or snail-mail your inquiry. How busy are their 29 employees that they can’t answer the phone?

Oh wait, they’re playing “kill the kitty”. That’s why.

There is a group out there pushing for changes at this shelter.

Hope for Hempstead Shelter website.

Hope for Hempstead Shelter Facebook.

Note:  if you do not have a YouTube account login, you can use this one.  Username = nokillkitty and password = 11223344a

Update:  The Town of Hempstead has issued a statement that this video is 20 years old.  Which does explain that shag hairdo on Pat Horan.  For an updated picture, click here for a photo op on the Highly Paid Shelter Workers.  She is number 2 of 8.

Still, this is a disturbing video capturing employee attitude and this behavior should never be tolerated or accepted from shelter employees whether it was 20 years ago or 20 days ago.   It still makes people question the leadership of this shelter.   The Town of Hempstead has its damage control work cut out for them.

From the Town of Hempstead website:

Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray has reacted with shock and dismay over the actions contained in a 17-year-old video filmed at the township’s animal shelter. The Supervisor has responded swiftly, reassigning the shelter’s acting director Pat Horan to a position outside of the shelter pending the outcome of an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the video.

Supervisor Murray stated that she has taken immediate action on this matter to ensure that animals at the town’s shelter receive the highest quality of care.

The video shows a former private (non-town) animal hospital employee handling a cat and a town kennel worker who has not worked for the town in over 16 years. An off-camera voice is heard uttering an ugly and unacceptable phrase. An interview with Pat Horan, titled as the source of the off-camera phrase, has been met with an emphatic denial that her voice was on the video. Clearly, Ms. Horan can be seen walking out of the room, while the voice on camera seems to be in very close proximity to the camera’s microphone.

Additionally, the town will be conducting a search for an animal shelter director immediately.

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