Excellent News!  LA is heading to become the largest city to ban pet shops from selling puppy mill puppies. It’s hoped that the passing of this ban will lead other large cities to follow suit and enact their own bans.

The Los Angeles City Council tentatively adopted on a 12-2 vote an ordinance that officials say will target puppy mills and prevent tens of thousands of animals from being euthanized in city shelters each year.

Individuals still will be allowed to buy directly from breeders, but pet stores will be limited to selling animals obtained from shelters, humane societies and registered rescue groups. Stores violating the restrictions could face misdemeanor charges and a penalty of $250, which would increase with repeat offenses.

City officials said the ban, which returns to the council for a final vote next week, could affect two dozen pet stores. The restrictions will be reviewed after three years, officials said, to determine if they are working and should be extended. (LA Times)

The ground-breaking change has been spear-headed by Councilman Paul Koretz, who has made it his mission to fight for animals “cannot speak for themselves.”

With the number of perfectly adoptable animals dying and being killed in shelters every day, this can be looked at as a positive move.  To see numbers of those companion animals being made available to the public in venues that had previously offered puppy mill dogs will save innumerable innocent lives.

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