Little Brown Dog1It was just a few weeks ago that the little 17-lb terrier that was dragged behind a truck by Jimmy Lovell, 45, of Knoxville, TN, was taken to the University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine to be treated for her horrific injuries. At the time the little dog, dubbed Little Brown Dog or LBD for short, was in a great deal of pain and it was unknown how well she would heal or how long it would take but this little girl is one serious fighter!

Not only has she stolen hearts she has also amazed the staff at UT. Seems that LBD is a bit of a “diva” and Dr. Patricia Sura, her attending doc, calls her “perfect” too.

“There’s all different kinds of skin grafts that you can take,” Sura said. “And we took full-thickness grafts. And the reason for that is because they should grow hair normally, to give her the most cosmetic outcome. … But also this gives the firmest healing. So it’s not going to be fragile.”

Everyone is amazed at how quickly LBD is healing. Some of her wounds literally ground the bones down but already she’s been able to have one bandage removed from one of her front paws.

And not only is the staff caring for her medical needs, she’s also being socialized and meeting people.

“I saw her the night that she came in,” hospital resident Dr. Rebecca Hodshon said. “And she has these horrible wounds all over her. You’d go up to the cage, and she comes to you. Wants to be held, even though she’s been through this horrible ordeal. She’s a really special dog. … Even in horrible pain, with these horrible wounds, she still has the trust.”

For LBD, this story is going to have a happy ending; she’s going to heal pretty much 100%, she hasn’t lost her trust in people and when it’s time, she’ll find a new home with a family who will love and cherish her.  If only they were all so lucky!

Now we can only hope that LBD will have justice as well as a happy ending.  In case you missed the original story, you can read it HERE.  Good ole boy Lovell deserved to be punished, more than a slap on the wrist but we’ll see… we’ll see if the charge even stays a felony.   I have so little faith in our judicial system anymore.  We want criminals to be responsible what about making judges responsible for making sure that criminals are dealt with strong enough to make then take responsibility.  A slap on th wrist teaches nothing except that they can get away with just about anything!

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