Not only is Rupert being a miniature schnauzer, a little dog, at 12-years-old, he’s also a senior but his Charlotte, NC owner can definitely credit him for rescuing her from the hands of a mentally unstable man who was assaulting her.

Rupert’s unnamed owner had just returned from church when a man walked up her driveway and asked her for water. Looking sweaty and obviously hot, she was happy to help.

“So I came inside locked the door behind me and then went into the garage and got the bottled water,” says the victim.

When she opened the door to hand the man the water, that’s when he attacked her.

“When he came in that’s when he grabbed me by my hair pounded me on my head a few times and I hit the floor,” she says.

And that’s also when little Rupert sprang into action. “I was hollering for my dog’s name Rupert, Rupert, come help….and Rupert was biting on him,” says the victim.

The woman broke free for a moment but was attacked again until Rupert bit him. That’s when the victim was able to get free and run to a neighbor’s for help.

Police arrested 47-year-old Walter Stowe, who, with a history of mental illness, had escaped from the home where he was being kept. Although he has been arrested for assault before, it’s been 9 years since he;s been in trouble. H was charged with burglary, kidnapping and assault.

“If it wasn’t for Rupert, I truly believe he would have succeeded what he was coming in for,” said Rupert’s owner. “By nature I don’t want to say vicious, but he’s over protective of us.”

Rupert, the little hero was rewarded with pizza for dinner

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