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Little Dog Brutally Beaten by 7-Year-Old Child – VIDEO

wigglesIn a stunning case of animal cruelty, a Las Vegas woman, Cynthia Carrillo, wants justice after her little 20-lb Shih Tzu, Wiggles, was brutally beaten after a 7-year-old neighborhood boy walked into her gated enclosed yard and abused tot he dog. Wiggles suffered from a broken jaw, busted out teeth and popped out eye vessels.

“I really want justice to be done and somebody to be punished,” said owner Cynthia Carrillo.

Neighbors say they saw the boy walk into the yard then heard to dog screaming in pain and when the neighbors yelled at the boy he took off running.

“To know that he actually beat a dog that bad, it’s shocking, because he’s a little kid. He’s as old as my daughter,” said neighbor Becky Rivera.

Nearly unconscious, Wiggles was rushed to the vet where he spent two days. The initial prognosis was questionable but now it looks like he will recover but have have to undergo some painful and no doubt expensive surgery.

Police are investigating the one of the problems here is that this child cannot be charged, the age of intent in Nevada is 8-years-old and this boy is only 7. There is the possibility that the child’s parents could be cited for this though.

“Somebody needs to be talked to, to find out what is going through this little kid’s mind to want to do something like that,” added Carrillo.

No matter how often you see and hear about these stories of abuse and cruelty, they get to you but I think when you find out the abuser is a juvenile and or child it is worse.  You have to wonder what has gotten into kids like this to make them do something so brutal and cruel, especially at the tender age of 7.  What are the parents teaching or not teaching?

I am thankful that Wiggles will recover, although not without pain and posibly surgery.  Someone needs to be held responsible for this little cretin’s actions and if not him, then his parents must be.  There is a problem here and as much as punishment of some sort, at least financial restitution, someone needs to find out what is wrong with this child!  If this is just pushed under the carpet, what is the future for this child?  Escalation of abuse, more criminal activity?  This is not just a childish prank or being a boy.  This is cruel and heartless!

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