BugA Salinas, KS, woman, Teresa Grover, is mourning the loss of her sweet little rat terrier, Bug, who was brutally killed over the weekend and authorities want to find out who committed the cruel crime. On Sunday morning, Teresa found the body of her little dog laying atop a roll of TV cable, some bolts and the wrench that has been used to beat her to death.

“She was pretty sweet, she loved everybody, and she, everybody that came in she knew they were here to see here, and play with her,” Teresa says.

“She meant quite a bit to us. That’s why they were shocked to find the dog dead in the backyard Sunday morning. I was just freaked out, I was so scared, I couldn’t believe anybody had done anything like that.”

“There was a big hole in her thigh that the wrench fit perfectly into, her belly had been ripped, her back leg had been broke, I mean the bone, it was a compound fracture, the bone was just ripped up and out.”

Bug, a family pet for more than two years, was the reason that Teresa got into fostering dogs and the loss of her baby has really hit her hard.

“I’d like to bring whoever, whatever to justice.”

Police say that if a person is found responsible, they will face animal cruelty charges. A vet who examined Bug but did not perform a necropsy, believes that “in his opinion the injuries were consistent to animal to animal wounds.” Teresa’s three other dogs weren’t harmed.

Although details are rather scant, if there were items left in the yard that didn’t belong to Teresa and the wrench fit into a wound, I’m not sure I see how an animal attacked and killed the little dog. One way or another, this is a terribly sad story and if a “human” had a hand in this, I hope they are caught and punished. Anyone who could brutally kill an innocent little animal is a danger.

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