Last week two beautiful young women lost their lives all for the love of a dog.  Both deaths were tragic and senseless.

Tiffany Jantelle

Tiffany and her friends stopped to aid a dying dog at the side of a road in Franklin Twp., New Jersey.  Tiffany was hit by a speeding truck coming up the road.  She died later that night from severe head injuries.  The driver of the truck stopped, got out, and with an “OH SHIT” got back in his truck and left the scene.   Three days later Brian McCauslin was arrested outside Harrisburg, PA and is in police custody waiting extradition to New Jersey.

Tiffany Jantelle loved and cared for animals all her life.  She died caring for an injured dog on the side of the road.



Taylor Stinchcomb

For her 13th birthday, Taylor Stinchcomb adopted a 4-year-old Doberman pinscher from an animal shelter and named him Romulus. The two were inseparable.  Romulus became ill with cancer and the family discussed putting the dog to sleep. Taylor was so distraught that she and her girlfriend loaded Romulus into her parent’s minivan without permission and fled the house.  Both were 15 years old with no driver’s license.

With her friend driving, the van flew off a rural road and struck several trees and a utility pole. Taylor and Romulus were killed in the crash, while the driver suffered minor injuries.

This is all that was left at the scene.  A broken dog leash.

Taylor was active as a volunteer in the community, loved animals, played softball, active in her church youth group, and had many, many friends.  She planned to spend the summer helping the poor.

And Clayton Barnard

Back in 2009, Deanna wrote about Clayton Barnard of Bienville, LA.  A young man who was hit and killed by a dump truck when a dog ran onto the street.  Clayton thought nothing but the safety of this dog – a stray dog.

I’m angry.

I’ve read tons of comments on the news articles and facebook posts.  “God works in mysterious ways.”  “It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming she died with their dog.  They are together in heaven.”  “The good die young”.

I guess it’s the “good die young” comments that enrage me.  Not towards those leaving these comments.  Their condolences are sincere and most likely appreciated by the families.  I’m just angry with God.

This world is a mess.  The news about animal abuse outweighs the good news.  The bad continue to abuse any life that crosses their path – animals, children, elderly, everyday people.  So why do the bad need to live on and the good get swept up to heaven.  We need the good on earth.  They lead others by their example, grow up and raise good kids!  Their kids in turn will raise good kids.  And so forth and so on.   It makes absolutely no sense to me that the good should die young.

I guess Isaiah was right.  No one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.  But does the divine understand that the righteous can handle the evil here on earth by just being the good individuals that they are?   Who overlooked THAT detail?

Well I don’t understand it and I don’t have to accept it.   These were good children and they deserved long and happy lives.

My condolences to these parents and all parents that have lost their children to senseless accidents and acts of violence.  We should not be burying our children.

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