UPDATE – 9/28/09 – 11 am CST – George has been found and and is being picked up to be soon reunited with his “mom”!! WooHooo!!! Fantastic news!!

Check Out the Reunion Pic – Will Put a Smile on your Face!!

I don’t generally do lost dogs, there are so many and I couldn’t hardly keep up with them but this one came across and it touched me.  Please take a moment to read and share.  George is a 20 year old Shih Tzu that is blind and deaf and needs medication.  He was stolen from a car in Boca Raton, FL on Friday (9/25) approx. 10 am.

Below is an;

updated poster with an increase of reward and exact time and location George was stolen. She came back to her car at the dry cleaners 6 minutes later and George was gone, as was her purse! She was parked 5 spaces from Dry cleaners, and thought she had locked her car door, but it didn’t lock!

George has gone everywhere with her all his life and NEVER has there been a problem. She’s had George since she rescued him at 6 months old. To have a dog live this long with one owner only proves her love and devotion and care. Sadly, her remote apparently failed her at the wrong time and place!

Please keep George in your prayers that he is somewhere safe and that we find him unharmed. We are watching Florida Craigslist for anyone trying to sell George and we will be going to as many shelters in the area as time will allow.

Can you imagine losing your companion of 20 years, a companion that needs you desperately? Please, take the time to share this with any and all FL contacts you may have!!



You can download a copy of this flyer HERE – just right click and save to your computer

Thanks Anita!


George and Mom Reunited!!


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