This story really pissed me off. Most people, when their dog is lost or runs away, do whatever they can do get their pet back. If their dog is found they are usually overjoyed. I usually take great pleasure in writing ‘lost dog found’ stories but this is definitely an exception.

In Spokane Valley, one dog owner, Ruth Stallings, wasn’t pleased to hear her lost dog was found. In fact, when Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels identified the dog that park rangers found and turned in as belonging to her after scanning for a microchip, she told them that she didn’t want the dog back, just send it to the pound.

“They tracked the owner down to Spokane,” said Dr. Bill Trotter, a physician who volunteers with the shelter, Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels, in Clifton, Texas. “And they called her, and she said she didn’t want to have anything to do with the dog. ‘Send him to the pound,’ is what she said.”

Bruno, a shepherd mix, supposedly ran away when Stallings was camping at Lake Whitney, Texas. She said she looked for him but had to leave.

“It irritated the hell out of me — I wanted to make sure the people in Spokane knew about this,” Trotter said. “Here we run this little kennel, and it’s full all the time. Then this woman doesn’t want her dog back.”

The shelter Trotter refers to is set up for 15 dogs and there are currently 50 living there. And this uncaring woman thoughtlessly added to the problem.

Stallings confirmed last week that she doesn’t want Bruno back. “He ran away from us five times, and we figured he didn’t want to be with us. First chance he got, he’d take off.”

“When we adopted him, we overlooked some things,” said Stallings, who’s had other dogs. “He was chewing up clothing and stuff, and we thought it was the puppy stage. But it never got any better.”

“People abandon dogs here a lot,” said Evan Moore, editor and publisher of the weekly Bosque County News. “We are a rural area, and we are close to Dallas-Fort Worth. People drive down here and dump their dogs off.”

Y’know, dogs are trainable but you have to take the time and have the patience. Pets are a responsibility, a lifelong responsibility and as sad as it is that Stallings basically abandoned this dog, in the long run, he will probably be better off.

He is reported as being intelligent, leash-trained and house-trained and is currently at a foster home awaiting someone who will love him and care for him and give him a forever home.

I hope that Bruno finds a home where his family will give him the love and attention he needs because it’s obvious he wasn’t getting where he was and I also hope no one ever adopts a dog to Ruth Stallings again because she doesn’t deserve a pet. Wonder if she’s a parent and how she is with disobedient children??

Seattle Times

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