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LOST DOG! Have You Seen Lexy?? Waynesboro, VA

Lexy Lexy is a Lab/chow mix, but she looks more like a Rottweiler. She weighs about 65 pounds and is reddish-brown with a black nose, ears and tail. She has a distinctive “V” shape between her eyes. She is spayed and is 2 1/2 years old. Lexy is very gentle, but extremely scared and shy.

Lexy disappeared Fishersville veternarian’s office two weeks ago. She was being boarded there while her owner, Lynda Diehl, was on vacation. On a routine walk outside July 11, the shy dog slipped out of her collar and bolted from the veternarian’s office.

Lynda Diehl, Lexy’s owner, has narrowed down the location where her dog is most oftne being spotted.

Diehl said people have reported seeing Lexy several times in the area of the intersection of Old White Bridge Road and Entry School Road.

According to experts Diehl has contacted, missing animals usually stay within one to two miles of the area they became lost.

“The response has just been wonderful,” said Diehl, of the public’s help in finding her dog.

“I’ve just been going flier-crazy trying to get her (Lexy) back. I put out 100 fliers on Entry School Road to alert residents,” said Diehl.

Lexy has been spotted throughout the area she escaped, including running down U.S. 250.

Diehl is asking the community to continue watching for the dog. She also warns drivers to keep an eye out for the dog, who might try to cross the road.

Diehl said she has set up a Have a Heart trap with food in the area where Lexy went missing.

“It’s been over 12 days since she’s gone missing. I’m so happy she’s still alive. My only concern now is catching her, and I can try to be patient,” said Diehl (The News Leader)

If you’re in the are area please keep an eye out for Lexy! Drivers, please be careful and cautious. Pass the word and let’s see if we can help get Lexy back home where she belongs!

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