puppyBoth Sides Say it’s All About the Money

In Louisville, KY the Metro Council passes a law in May that all dog breeders are required to have a license, which costs $50.50 for unaltered dogs and a breeder license which cost $150 for up to 5 dog, valid for one year.  This is their attempt to crack down on puppy mills and unscrupulous breeders.

Since the law went into effect, Animal Control has been aggressively going after unlicensed breeders.  They scout out ads in newspapers then posing as potential buyers go to homes.  They specifically wait until they are invited intoa home, they check out the situation and telling the puppy selling that they may be interested, they leave.  After they leave, in comes Animal Control.  They also wait until they are invited into the home them they seize the dogs and puppies in question.

The dogs are transported to a shelter where they are vetted and spayed or neutered.  The owner has the option of surrendering them or paying fees to get them back which included board, vetting and spay or neuter.

Since May, Animal Control has seized 123 dog and puppies.  Only 3 dogs were euthanized because they were unadoptable due to illness, age or temperament.  The rest or either returned or went to a rescue to be adopted.

Needless to say, owners and various kennel club and other organization are not please with this law and are protesting the constitutionality of it.  A lawsuit has been filed and is in federal court.

One of the owners who had to pay $750 to get his dogs back, an adult pair and 5 puppies claims that they, Animal Control, doesn’t really care about the dogs, it’s all about revenue. He says it is also inhumane and dangerous to  unilaterally spay or neuter the dogs, which animal control did to his adults without his permission.

Some also content that animal control is targeting pitbull breeds and while many different breeds of dogs have been seized, pitbulls account for about one in four of the seizures.

Animal control contents they are not targeting any specific breed and and their bottom line goal is to try to control the pet population, too many of which end up in shelters euthanized and to crack down on irresponsible breeders.

“I think if you are a reputable breeder … you would want these people that are fiddling around under the radar to not be allowed to continue to do that,” Gulbe said.

With the amount of publicity the recent dog ordinance has attracted, Meloche and Gulbe find it difficult to understand how owners are not aware of the law.

“If you’re going to enter into any venture when it comes to breeding or selling dogs and do it right, you should do your homework,” Gulbe said.

“Find out what the laws are,” she added. “Breeding and selling animals is more than just finding two dogs and having babies.” (Courier-Journal)

I’ve said before that I do respect responsible breeders, which are very few and far between but something does need to be done about people who breed indiscriminately, not just in Louisville, Jefferson County, KY, but everywhere.

Too many dogs are being killed every day in shelters because they are in dire need of homes, especially pitbulls.  Do we really need people breeding dogs for a few extra bucks it puts in their pockets?  Isn’t there enough problems with puppy mills turning out hundreds and thousands of puppies every year, many of which are sick and many of which wound up in shelters.  With the struggling economy more and more shelters across the country are busting at the seams with dogs and pets that have been surrendered or just turned out and abandoned.

I can’t say that I have a lot of sympathy of these people who animal control is hitting.  Like they said, learn the laws.  If they really want to breed, for the right reasons, they will do it the right way.  If they don’t, then let them pay the price.  I’d like to see a law like this become more common all over the country.  Something needs to be done to cut down on the number of dogs wounding up in shelters and killed and this may be part of the answer.

What are your thoughts?

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