Daniel RodriguezA Clovis, CA man, Daniel Rodriguez, 39, was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty and child endangerment after stabbing his dog, a 156-lb Rottweiler named Big Boy, multiple times, right in front of his 6-year-old son.

On Tuesday evening answering the door for a pizza delivery man, Big Boy got out and Rodriguez went after him, armed with a kitchen knife.  He stabbed the dog numerous times in the neck and body.

Police report that he said he was “disciplining” the dog for disobeying him and not staying in the house.  Rodriguez also says he was worried Big Boy was going to be aggressive and attack.

When police arrived Rodriguez was verbally abusive, aggressive and combative, challenging the officers to fight.  Police say he’d been drinking prior to this brutal episode.

All of this took place in front of Rodriguez’s 6-year-old son, the stabbing and his father’s abusiveness and arrest.  This added the child endangerment charge to the felony animal abuse charge.

As for Big Boy, although some of his stab wounds were deep, he was taken to an emergency vet and is expected to survive.  And if you can believe this, Rodriguez is out on bail and had already contacted Clovis Animal Services to try to get Big Boy back!!

Hey idiot, you brutally stab your dog, get your sorry ass tossed in jail and expect to just walk into animal services and tell them you want your brutalized and abused dog back… and you expect them to just hand him over?? I don’t think it’s going to work out quite so easily.

Dare I even ask what is wrong with this brainless buffoon?  What kind of a person brutally stabs their dog to discipline them?  IF you were worried about your dog being aggessive, which sounds like BS to me, guy probably was abusing  Big Boy and got what he deserved, but do you take off after it with a knife?  Somehow I can think of a few different ways to handle this and a knife doesn’t come into play in any of them.

Sounds to me like Rodriguez deserves some “discipline” from the judicial system.  I won’t hold my breath for mroe than a slap on the wrist but let’s just hope they don’t punish Big Boy any more by giving him back to his abuser, something that is, sadly, not unheard of!

And maybe someone should take a look at how the little boy is doing too… poor kid to have to witness such a horrendous scene.  Makes you wonder what else he may have witnessed in his young life.

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