When are people ever gonna learn?? This is an issue that has been so well publicize that there is no way for a person not to know better! I’ve even written about it – Summer Safety Tip – Keeping Your Dog/Pet Safe in the Heat and just yesterday posted a story about the heat killing a dog! People need to use common sense and realize that if they can’t handle the heat, neither can a dog! You really have to wonder about the intelligence of people who so blithely would leave a living creature locked up in what amounts to a ‘metal box’ on a hot day!

Please, people, think!!! Don’t be like this guy!

A man is in custody Saturday morning, accused of leaving his dog in a hot car for over an hour. Boulevard Mall Security called Amherst Police when they spotted a four year old doberman in a car in the parking lot.

Police say they tried to contact the owner through the mall pa system.

When 30 year old Joseph Scalzo finally came out, Police arrested him on animal cruelty charges. Gina Browning of the SPCA: “Even with the window open the temperature in the car by the time we arrived, our infrared showed the thermometer in the car was 105.”

William Sullivan, SPCA Special Agent: “A few minutes longer, the dog would’ve suffered brain damage.” (WIBV.com)

Take a lesson from someone else’s mistake, don’t make the same one yourself. In this case we can just be thankful that the dog was rescued in time!

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