Dale StricklandThis man, Dale Strickland, 51, of Elam Road, Murfreesboro, TN was arrested after a witness saw him driving down Elam Road with a Yellow Lab dog tied to the back of his truck.

Can we even begin to the imagine the horror that poor dog felt as the truck started moving and he tried valiantly to keep up with it, then the pain and agony as the poor dog’s paws were ripped and torn and shredded, as his skin was torn from his body when he could no longer keep pace and his body was dragged along the rough road surface? What could ever possess someone to do such a thing to an innocent and defenseless dog??

According to police reports, the woman later found the dog — nearly dead — in the road near Joe B. Jackson Parkway at 2 a.m.

“The injuries the dog suffered were horrific,” said sheriff’s spokesman Dan Goodwin.

A veterinarian reportedly euthanized the wounded Lab this morning due to the extent of the animal’s injuries. (The Daily News Journal)

The animal hospital that treated the dog tells about the trauma.

Stacie Williams describes what ‘Spice’ looked like when the yellow lab was brought into her 24-hour animal hospital early Thursday morning.

“The skin was torn from the bone. On the pads, the skin was of course, gone.

And one side of its face, the bone was showing,” Williams said.

“It actually limped to the lady that picked it up,” Williams said.

Williams says the dog’s injuries were so severe, putting him down was the most humane thing to do.
Veterinarians at the animal hospital see pets in all sorts of conditions.

This was the worst case they had ever seen. (WKRN)

Officials called the incident an intentional act of animal cruelty.

There seems to be quite a few stories behind this depending on what news source you use;

Dale Strickland, of Murfreesboro, maintains his innocence saying it was someone else who stole his truck driving it. (WKRN)

Early Thursday, deputies found a truck at Strickland’s home matching the description given by witnesses. The truck’s bumper had a wire cable attached to it, and at the end was a collar — spattered with blood and fur — buried under a wet towel and a shirt in the truck bed, officers said.

Strickland told deputies he had driven the truck about 1:30 a.m. Strickland said “the dog always rides in the bed of the truck and that it stays chained to the bumper,” according to a police report. (Tennessean)

Strickland told the deputy his dog always rode in the bed of the truck while chained to the bumper. He left his home with the dog and drove to Golden Gallon convenience store and then went to his father’s grave to pray. (Murfreesboro Post)

Strickland is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on Sept. 18

Ok, I’m confused here, the poor dog, Spice, was found shortly after 2 am. Now Strickland claims to have been out at 1:30 am but he also claims that his truck was stolen and he’s innocent but when officers arrived at his home early Thursday morning the truck was there. And as officers said, ‘The truck’s bumper had a wire cable attached to it, and at the end was a collar — spattered with blood and fur — buried under a wet towel and a shirt in the truck bed.’

So what was it? Did he do it? Did he not do it? Was he driving the truck? Did someone steal his truck with the dog attached by cable, drag the dog, remove the injured dog and leave it in the road then proceed to return the truck?

And all this pathetic excuse for a human being is charged with is a misdemeanor!!! When is every state going to start getting tough with abusers?! This man caused the death of an innocent living creature and he’s going to get nothing more than a slap on the wrist!! There’s something seriously wrong here!

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