Hutto Billy Hutton, 35, of Lexington County, South Caroline took a baseball bat and beat one of his 14 pit bulls to death and then assaulted his wife when she attempted to intervene and keep him from killing the dog.

Early Sunday morning, Hutto’s wife, Tonya, called 911 saying she and her daughter needed assistance. She proceeded to tell police that about 3 am she awoke to noises only to find Hutto in the yard beating one of their dogs with a baseball bat after it had gotten loose and attacked another one of the dogs, killing it. She tried to stop him but he beat the dog until it was dead then starting beating her.

When Hutto was arrested on charges of domestic violence and maltreatment of an animal, his hand were covered in blood. He’s being held on bail of $5,500.

In reading comments associated with some of the news stories, you get the impression that this is not something new for Hutto, animal abuse and domestic violence.

To make this pathetic story even worse, the very next day Tonya Hutto was asking for the release of her husband.

She says, “What he did was justified because the dog had turned mean and cruel and would have hurt anybody or anything that it could have. I wish for him to get out of jail so we can make things right and take care of our animals and our daughter.”

I’m sorry, but regardless of the situation, there is no reason to so cruelly beat and torture a dog to death. When you chain 14 dogs up, yes, he had 14 pit bulls chained in his yard, there is always the danger of aggression. Chained dogs are much more prone to aggression then dogs that are loved and socialized and part of the family and it doesn’t matter if it’s a pit bull or a chihuahua.

This whole sad story is so classic and cliche’. The well known link between animal abuse and domestic violence as well as victims of abuse going back again and again to their abusers.

Source – WISTV

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