William Jenkins bludgeoned his dog rather than surrender itStories like this and people like this just make me sick! Rather than to try to find any options or talk to the humane society, William Jenkins, 44, of Fort Myers, FL, decided to brutally bludgeon his dog to death because he “couldn’t afford the surrender fee.”

Jenkins actually took the dog to the Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Myers but when asked to wait during the intake, he left. The last anyone saw the dog alive, he was in the front seat of Jenkins’ vehicle.

“He was hanging out of the window like a normal dog – tongue waving in the breeze and ears flapping,” said Aimee LaLonde, a shelter employee.

The next thing witnesses saw was Jenkins taking the dog into the wood, just a couple hundred yards down the road from the shelter, where he would have had a chance. When Jenkins game out of the woods, he was alone. He’d beaten the dog to death and buried its body in a shallow grave.

William Jenkins Brutally Killed Dog

When police questioned him, he said that he didn’t have the $50 surrender fee.

LaLonde said that it never would have been a problem, he didn’t have to kill the dog to avoid paying the surrender fee.

“In dire situations where people tell us there’s no other choice and they don’t have the money, what else can they do? We will take the animal because that’s the humane thing to do,” said LaLonde.

So now, for the want of $50…. and a heart, Jenkins was arrested on charges of felony animal abuse.

I honestly feel bad for anyone put in a situation where they can no longer keep their pets but there is never an excuse to do what William Jenkins did! NEVER!! If you love a pet, you could never resort to such cruel brutality, you would find a way to give them a chance.


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