john-coppesIn December, a Polk County, AR man, 25-year-old John Coppes, was caught by his 13-year-old neighbor sexually abusing her dog, an Anatolian shepherd. He was actually arrested in the young neighbor’s horse pen. Coppes is also charged with sexually abusing the girl’s Palomino horse.

He is also charged with criminal trespass and would have been charged with public indecency but that requires two people to be involved.

A beastiality charge carries a $1000 fine and a year in year but does not necessitate the offender to be listed as a sex offender.

He is out on jail and has been ordered to have no contact with his neighbor or animals.

Coppes is facing trial next week.

What the hell posesses a human being to want to have sex with an animal?!  I mean, sure we’ve all heard the jokes, not they are even really that amusing, but the reality is far from amusing or funny in any way.  This freak need to be locked up away from people and animals, he is a danger and will always be a danger!

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