Eric S. Shattuck, 35, 1007 E. North St. of Appleton decided last September that he longer wanted his dog, Swiper. Instead of doing what most any normal person would do, either surrender the dog to a shelter or try to rehome him, this idiot decided to kill him!

First he tried to force the dog to drink a lethal dose of anti-freeze and when he couldn’t mange to get the poor dog to do that, he took him into the garage and hung him by his choke chain. The dog died an agonizing death of slow strangulation.

According to the criminal complaint, on Sept. 26, Shattuck told a visitor to his residence that there was a dog hanging in the garage by its choke chain.

He told the woman that he hanged the dog after a failed attempt to get the dog to drink a fatal dose of anti-freeze. The woman reported the dog, named Swiper, was still hanging in the garage the next day. (Post-Crescent)

Shattuck was convicted of a felony charge of mistreatment to animals on Thursday after he entered a no contest plea in Outagamie County Circuit Court.

The maximum penalty is 3½ years of prison and extended supervision. He’s scheduled to be sentenced on November 6.

There really are time when I wish for an ‘eye-for-an-eye’ sentence although we usually see more or a ‘slap-on-the-wrist’ sentence instead. This poor dog suffered, suffered horribly and died just because this trash didn’t want him anymore. So what does he do to others he no longer wants in his life?? Scary thought!!

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