Well Mark McGowan threatened to eat a Corgi dog, the dog breed favored by the Queen as a protest again Prince Phillip for fox hunting and he did!!

Mark McGowan, 37, said he ate “about three bites” of the dog meat, cooked with apples, onions and seasoning, to highlight what he called Prince Philip’s mistreatment of a fox during a hunt in January.

“It was pretty disgusting,” McGowan said of the meal, which he ate while appearing on a London radio station on Tuesday. Yoko Ono, another guest on the show, also tried the meat.

“I’ve never tasted anything like it — it was grey and had a very funny smell. It was horrible,” McGowan told Reuters.

McGowan said he was angry that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, of which the royal family is a patron, had not prosecuted Prince Philip for hunting and killing the fox. The RSPCA said the fox did not suffer.

Corgis are the favoured dogs of the Queen, who has owned more than 30 of them during her reign.

The dog died of natural causes at a Corgi breeders and was prepared and cooked by others for McGowan.

McGowan is well known for his outlandish performance stunts. He ate a swan in another protest against the Queen. Swans are protected by the monarchy. (Reuters UK)

Now I guess the could be seen as a ‘non-violent’ protest and the dog did die of natural causes but there’s just something about the whole thing that just turns my stomach!

He’s protesting cruelty to one animal by, what may be seen by many, advocating ill treatment to another, dogs. There’re alot of people, many of them children, who will hear about this ‘stunt’ and what are they going to think, perhaps missing the fact that the dog had died of natural causes? And sorry, to me, this doesn’t make it acceptable!! It’s a sick and twisted stunt by someone who has done something like this before!!

What’s your feeling on this, love to hear?!?

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