A Monroe, GA, man, Bert Vinson Ferguson, 39, of 306 Tall Oaks Lane, is facing a psychiatric evaluation after police find him covered in blood and blood splatters and a trail led them to a side porch where they discovered the body of a dead dog in a trash can covered with a towel.

[Fergeson] was arrested by Monroe Police Officers Wednesday and eventually taken to Augusta Medical Center for psychiatric evaluations after allegedly killing a 4-month-old dog.

According to reports, MPD officers were called to the home in reference to a suspicious person covered in blood.

When officers arrived, Ferguson appeared to be “somewhat distraught,” according to reports and had blood on his body and shorts. When asked about the blood the Monroe resident allegedly said he cut himself at work and when officers inquired if Ferguson owned a dog, he replied he did but let it go three days ago.

A trail of blood splatter was seen on the walkway near the entrance to Ferguson’s apartment and when asked again by officers what happened, he allegedly said he killed his dog “because the animal bit him.”

Further questioning by officers uncovered that a gash to Ferguson’s left arm was an accident while allegedly attempting to kill his dog. When officers entered the apartment, they noticed blood trails through the apartment with a large concentration of the blood contained in the bathroom. There was dog hair and blood in the shower and on the bathroom floor leading out into the hallway of the apartment, according to reports.

The dog was discovered on the side porch inside a white plastic trash can covered by a towel with a large gash to its back and side just below the neck area, according to reports. A large knife with a 7-inch blade with what reportedly had blood on the handle was also recovered at the scene.

Ferguson was taken to Walton Regional Medical Center for treatment as well as an evaluation of his mental status and was determined to need additional psychiatric attention. He was charged with cruelty to animals. (The Walton Tribune)

Sounds like this guy needs more than just an evaluation.  I guess we can just be thankful there was not a child or another person around when he ‘flipped out.’ Just scary!

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