Henry Morgan facing felony charge for trying to save pet from burning homeThis has got to be one of the most insane ludicrous things I have ever heard! Pasco, FL, resident, Henry Morgan, arrived home to find his house engulfed in flames.  His family; wife and three children, were all safe but his pets, three dogs and a cat were still in the inferno.

Like me and many people I know, Morgan rushed to the house to try to save his beloved pets. I admit it, I would have tried to do the same thing.  My pets are my babies, they are my family.

What followed began the insanity.  Firefighters yelled at Morgan not to go into the house but he didn’t listen.  I’m sure all he could think about was his pets suffering in the fire.  Then deputies and firefighters restrained him.  Ok, I can understand this, they didn’t want him to immolate himself.

But then they actually had the temerity to arrest him!  This man has just lost everything he owns, his home, all his possessions and his pets, can you imagine how he must have been feeling?

Morgan, 41, was forcibly removed from the scene and was arrested on charges of obstructing the extinguishment of a fire, a felony, and resisting arrest without violence, a misdemeanor, respectively.

He was actually jailed and his bail was set at $5,150.

Can you believe this?? You have druggies, rapists, thieves, murderers and more walking the streets and they arrest this poor guy and throw him in jail.  Looks like they were none too gentle in their methods of restrain either.

I can’t even begin to express my anger.  Where is the compassion that the deputies should have been feeling for this man and his family and how could a judge actually set this bail and not just throw it all out?

I’ve got to stop now, I am just fuming over this… so much for the holidays… peace and goodwill…

One more thing, I am generally not in favor of people being sue crazy over anything and everything but I hope this guy gets himself a good lawyer and sues the hell out of everyone involved!


One of my readers (thanks Chuck) kindly supplied me with a link to the Pasco Sheriff’s Department where you can leave suggestions or complaints.  I think we should all make out opinions known but please, be polite, leaving rude messages will only defeat the purpose.

Pasco Sheriff’s Department

You can also see Mr. Morgan Arrest Report HERE. Please be sure to contact the Sheriff’s Department and make you opinions known about this travesty of justice!

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